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Renting a Portable Moving Container

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Are you planning on a move this year? Selling a home and moving is a significant task that creates a ton of stress. There is a list a mile long of things to do to make sure your home sale goes smoothly.


If you want to get your home sold in a timely fashion it is going to need to look great. Lots of real estate agents will recommend spending the time for making your place look less cluttered so a buyer can picture themselves living in your home.


One of the best ways of removing the excess stuff from your home is by renting a portable moving and storage container. The name that comes to mind quite often is PODS. While Pods is an industry leader there are other companies worth checking out.


Over at Maximum Real Estate Exposure, you can see some of the best moving container companies. Be sure to take a hard look at the list. You may find an excellent portable storage company nearby your home. The guide gives you a list of the pros and cons of each of these companies.

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Tips For Choosing a Storage Facility

Tips For Choosing a Storage Facility | Real Estate Articles Worth Reading |
Tips for choosing a storage facility so you have a smooth and pleasant experience. See how to choose a self storage container that best fits your needs.
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You have put your home on the market and found a buyer rather quickly. Your real estate agent is telling you that the buyer has to close in 30 days. You haven't even started looking for another home but have been presented with a great offer.

You know you need to take it but are going to need to find temporary housing as well as a place to put all of your belongings. This is where the need for a storage facility comes into play. Do you know how to choose a storage facility? If the answer is no then you are in luck as I have put together a fantastic reference that provides exceptional tips on choosing the best storage facility for your needs and budget.

You will learn not only the things you should be asking the storage facility but how to pack your unit. There is also a discussion about other alternatives to using a self storage company. Take a look and you will find out all there is to know about renting a storage unit!

Bill Gassett's comment, July 31, 2014 1:06 PM
Thanks for sharing my tips on how to find a storage facility Tyler!
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How to Prepare Your Stuff For Storage

How to Prepare Your Stuff For Storage | Real Estate Articles Worth Reading |
See the best tips for organizing your stuff for storage. Learn how to prepare for your things to be moved with ease and less stress.
Bill Gassett's insight:

One of the things I have learned as a real estate agent for almost thirty years is that as hard as you try to plan a simultaneous move there are times when it does not work out.

The term "double move" is a dreaded one for many homeowners and who can blame them. Making a double move is not pleasant.  When you are selling a home and then buying another most want to go right from one to the next.

Occasionally this does not work out and there needs to be both temporary housing and/or storage options. For this reason I have put together a comprehensive guide on how to prepare your home for storage. In the article you will see some of the best tips for getting your home ready for moving day. When you are well organized your eventual move will go far more smoothly.

Some of the tips are common sense while others are things you may not have thought about. A quick example is getting your closets organized well in advance of the packing of your home.

When all of the closets in your home are well organized it makes the burden of not only moving them easier but also unpacking them and setting them up in your new place.

Not only will you see organizational tips but some excellent references to other topics such as choosing a great storage company.

Without a doubt moving can be difficult but when you are prepared in advance your stressed will be eased.

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