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Downsides of Selling By Owner in The Summer

Downsides of Selling By Owner in The Summer | Real Estate Articles Worth Reading |
Do you know the drawbacks of for sale by owner in the summer? Selling as a FSBO are never easy but in the summer months it can be even more of a challenge!
Bill Gassett's insight:

Selling a home without the services of a real estate agent is never easy. Trying to do it on your own in the summertime can be even worse. What many homeowners don't realize is the time and effort that goes into selling a home.


So many people think that putting a for sale sign in the lawn will attract the buyer. In fact it will be easy peazy as the first couple buyers in the door will more than likely submit offers.


If selling as a for sale by owner in the summer was this easy lots more people would be jumping on the bandwagon. Selling as a FSBO unfortunately is far more difficult!


There is a reason why real estate agents get paid so handsomely. It is also the why Realtors have not gone the way of travel agents.


Until you actually try to sell your home as a for sale by owner, you will never truly appreciate how difficult it really is.


One of the most common things people don't realize is the time suck involved. With a FSBO you need to be available at all hours for the buyers schedule, NOT yours. You need to plan on being around at times that can be most inconvenient. If you have little kids you'll quickly understand exactly what I am talking about.


Planning a vacation this summer? Forget about it unless you can stand the thought of putting your home sale on hold as well!


In the article at Maximum Real Estate Exposure you will see all of the drawbacks of selling on your own laid out in detail.


You can then decide if selling as a for sale by owner is really worth it to you. Be sure to check out all of the home selling tips for the summer if this is the route you decide to take.



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Suggested by Tom Horn-Real Estate Appraiser!

Selling a home through an online FSBO service

Selling a home through an online FSBO service | Real Estate Articles Worth Reading |
Tweet My last post emphasized the importance of not forgetting to get an appraisal when selling your home through an online service. You may be in a money saving mode since your are choosing to go this route but you don’t want to shoot yourself in the foot and sabotage your efforts by not pricing …
Bill Gassett's insight:

See @Tom Horn-Real Estate Appraiser article that provides information to those who are considering going the for sale by owner route (FSBO). One of the most important things in getting real estate sold is to price it properly. Often times what I have experienced in my twenty seven years as a Realtor is that for sale by owners miss the mark on priced. Sometimes in fact by a wide margin.


The solution of course as Tom mentions is to hire an appraiser to get an accurate value. A real estate agent is also someone you could consult with as well. There are many Realtors who will provide this service in hopes of getting the listing if the home owner is not successful.


While price is extremely important in selling real estate so is the marketing. This is another area where home sellers going for sale by owner will typically fall short.


The statistics nationally are telling for those trying to sell without a real estate agent. Over 80 percent of the time they fail and end up listing with an agent. If you have the time and really need the additional savings of not paying a Realtor FSBO may be your only option. Look at Tomes article for further guidance.

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