How A.I. Shopping Tools are Changing E-Commerce Purchasing Behaviors | Public Relations & Social Marketing Insight |

It's no secret that e-commerce has become an integral part of our economy - consumers spent over $51.5 billion in clothes, shoes, and handbags online in 2015. Clothing sales rose by 19%, largely because of the increase in mobile usage and free shipping options. But with access to billions of products, it's becoming increasingly difficult for online shoppers to keep it all straight.

When asked what e-commerce trend to expect in 2017, Tracey Wallace, editor of BigCommerce, said: "We know consumers are shopping in micro-moments. They see an item they like (on Instagram or Facebook), they research it, they find other brands selling something similar, they compare prices, they read reviews and then they finally make a decision."

Because the shopping experience is prompted through a number of mediums (email, social media, search, etc.,) many consumers are turning to apps that simplify and organize the shopping process. Jonathan Friedman, CEO of Shoptagr, believes that "the A.I. Shopping Assistant will become the future of e-commerce and online retail as we know it. While retailers have been leveraging A.I. for years, it is now the consumer who will capitalize on machine learning and automation tools for efficiency."...