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Facebook Ads Launch Pad Kim Garst & Terry Williamson PDF free download. I’m writing this post as a plea to anyone who reads my blog! You may have noticed that they’re often published from between 8-10 am as I’m on my way to work. A lot of the posts are done on my phone in the week because it’s much easier and quicker. However, I know it’s not quite the same! I miss my memes and my images and I want to make sure every single blog post is as good at the last. What I need your help with is topics! I’ve got a few in mind but they’re definitely require the laptop as they’d a bit more extensive. I need some short sharp punchy topics that I can write about in around 500 words! Many of you read this on Facebook and Twitter so if you want to comment on there, that would be great.Positive of the day: I had such a good day at work yesterday that I can’t wait to go in today – what a great feeling! Second positive – the pub nearest to where I live serves my favourite beer > bonus! Facebook Ads Launch Pad course download (pdf files & videos).