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Rachel Anderson's book Eczema Free Forever free download (.pdf). Since Teddy’s diagnosis, I have struggled with food and diet. Not just for the obvious reasons (avoiding allergic reactions) but also through the mental scars that his anaphylactic reaction left on me. I became a paranoid worrier, dreading meal times and convinced he was having reactions when in reality he was absolutely fine. To any other parents out there going through the same thing, it does get easier! I found that it was important for me to do things as and when I felt ready, to try new foods when I was in a safe environment and when I felt that I could deal with a worst case scenario. For a short while, I stripped Teddy’s diet down to fruit, veg and meat which I prepared and cooked myself. Because we were at the start of our weaning journey it wasn’t a problem at all, in fact quite the opposite. However by the time he reached 8 months old, he was still having bland, boring, repetitive meals and it was at this point I knew that I had to get over my fears and try new foods, in different forms and just give it a go. Armed with Jext Pen in one hand and Piriton in the other, I began researching different foods and meals and adapting them to meet our new diet. We have had good days and bad days, big reactions and small and through trying new foods I now feel more confident in Teddy’s allergies and can avoid those foods. We are now dairy, egg, soya, nut and sesame free, I have been trying new recipes which I have found based on a vegan diet and then I have added meat and other protein and adjusted accordingly. Some have gone down well, others have gone in the bin. So of the meals that have resembled something edible, I will share with you on this blog. Not all are adventurous, but some are just simple ideas as thinking of a new meal can be a real struggle at the best of times let alone when there are such restrictions in place.