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Bikini Body Workouts eBook by Jen Ferruggia free pdf download. Legs...legs..legs!!! Great lower body workout tonight. Mobile and Stationary!!! I like the direction we are headed in. Let's keep working. something tomorrow and you won't be so sore Saturday and Sunday. See you all Tuesday. Have a great weekend. Don't forget to do something. HIIT TRAINING=Workout 15 minutes 3x/week and see fat burn and muscle gain. HAVE I GOT YOUR ATTENTION??? It takes me 10 min to eat my lunch, 15 min to workout with 5 min left to feel the euphoria and pump of my workout, breath, stretch, check Facebook and get back to work. Interval free weight or bodyweight circuit training using the large muscle groups effectively raises your heart rate and strengthens your core, back, legs, and shoulders. Can you guess which injuries I see daily due to muscle imbalance and poor strength and stability? Great article with why and how interval training works whether it's to stay in shape for the weekend, prevent injury, gain lean mass, or just get a quick effective workout in without spending hours at the gym. If you need help getting started, I'm here.