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Beating Cheating ebook by Jim Walthby free download (.pdf). Last night I was humiliated, degraded, and cheated. It was mine and my husband’s 13-year anniversary. We went to a nice restaurant. We ate and had some drinks, and then my husband, Mike, whispered to me that he has something special planned for tonight. I got really excited and nervous. When we got home he told me to go get comfortable on the bed for my surprise, so I did. At this point I was so excited. I heard the front door open, then close. I was on the bed and he came upstairs and said, “your surprise has arrived”. He said, first, though, he wanted to blindfold me and handcuff both my hands to the bed. I was a little confused, but I let him. Once handcuffed to the bed, and blindfold, he said he’s going to get my present. He came back two minutes later.