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Battlefield 1 Dominator Strategy Guide PDF ebook download. Feel free to share this book with your friends on Facebook! Guess what? I’m head deep into charging an enemy fortification, there are enemy’s inside the pillbox firing machine-guns and snipers, while mortars rain from above from somewhere beyond their lines. I pick up the flamethrower and I march to the pillbox and lit them up with the flamethrower, the bunker is in flames and everybody is charred beyond recognition. I go beyond the pillbox and lit the enemies up again inside the trenches, War is hell. Operations are the new game mode in Battlefield 1. It’s absolutely a blast to play, it’s a great example to show its strengths. It’s a prime example of how The Great War was possibly like, the game mode is running through the trenches, going inside bunkers, and going all out to win the battle.