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Approach At Will by Stephan Erdman book PDF free download. 

In my years of dating and social interaction, I have realized that some people date in cycles. For instance a guy starts dating in his teens a high maintenance girl, the relationship doesn’t work out. But he unintentionally found out what he likes therefore his next girlfriends will be exactly like that but with one exception: different skin tones. Some women date like this also and sometimes the outcomes are bad. A woman that likes thugs, will only dates thugs and end up Visting them every week in jail. My friend had a crush on me but I didn’t reciprocate therefore he met someone that is similar to me. The woman birthday was two days before mine. Of course the relationship didn’t work out . People need to learn how to date outside their comfort zones and expand their “horizons”. The last relationships didn’t work out because of this… so next person I date won’t have that. Cross out the patterns and the stuff you don’t want in a partner. Do you think you date in a cycles? Or do your friends? Did you notice and stop doing it? Or did it work for you? Stephan Erdman's ebook Approach At Will!