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The 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet PDF ebook full download. Feel free to read this fat loss guide only if you really want to lose weight fast. After a little bit of research, a minor headache, 3 internal self-deprecating rants, I might have got the hang of the mathematics involved in weight loss. I went around Donna Jean Books looking for ebooks to quickly understand the standard information of how our body and weight gain/weight loss works. After skimming through concepts like energy balance and BMI, it was clear that to begin with, this journey I had to know where I stood. It is all a game of calories. You eat them, they do their job and then the wastes come out. But if some of them didn’t get a job to do, yet are functional, they find a place in your body to stay for a while till they get a job to do. To make sure they leave and don’t turn into a menace i.e Fat, you have to give them employment. So you have to stop other calories coming in looking for a job to do. That is it, you have to stop the calories coming in your body to make sure the calories that are already staying can do the work, burn themselves out, retire, and leave. This is called a calorie deficit. To do so I had to know how many calories I was burning already ( I thought my body didn’t do anything). This is where TDEE comes in. TDEE stands for Total Daily Energy Expenditure. It is the energy your body uses in a day. The calories burnt in a day by your body. To make sure your body stays the same weight, you have to feed it the calories it is burning i.e your TDEE score. But should you want your weight to go down, you have to give it a little fewer calories. It will look for energy elsewhere and make your fat do the work. Fat works, burns out, and BAM! It’s gone.