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#NewtownPA Supervisors Approve 2024 Road Repair Program

UPDATE 3/27/24: The Newtown Township Supervisors approved the 2024 Road Program.


Joseph Schiavoni, Director of Public Works, has evaluated the bids and has put a paving package together to remain under the budgeted amount. The township had allocated $755,000 in the budget for paving to be paid by the General Fund, Highway Aid Fund, and American Rescue Fund.


This item was included in the 27 March 2024 BOS meeting under the Engineer’s Report. The Supervisors unanimously approved the Program.


The recommended paving includes (see map):


Base bid:

  •  Eagle Rd. (portion), Farnsworth Way, Ashford Way, N&S Ascott Ct., Amaryllis Ln., Lotus Pl., Campus Dr; $542,114.10


Alternate bids:

  • Alt #2 Cypress Place; $70,660.00
  • Alt #3 Coachwood Ct; $43,005.45
  • Alt #4 Mulberry Pl; $24,053.65
  • Alt #5 Monterey Pl; $30,890.05
  • Alt #6 Mahogany Walk; $33,783.80


For a total of $744,507.05


This totals 1.99 miles of township roadways. Note that there are approximately 71 miles of township roads requiring repaving every 20 years. Therefore, to merely keep up with current roadway conditions 71/20 or 3.55 miles of roads should be repaved per year. At this rate, the township is falling behind at about 1.5 miles of roads per year needing repair but not getting it!


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I am disappointed that Wexley Drive, which was an alternative bid item (see below), in my development was not included.


The Contractor - James D. Morrissey Inc. - submitted their bid for the Base Bid work in the amount of $542,114.10, for the various Alternate Bids as follows:

Alternate Bid No. 1 – Cliveden Drive $62,787.00
Alternate Bid No. 2 – Cypress Place $70,660.00
Alternate Bid No. 3 – Coach Wood Court $43,005.45
Alternate Bid No. 4 – Mulberry Place $24,053.65
Alternate Bid No. 5 – Monterey Place $30,890.05
Alternate Bid No. 6 – Mahogany Walk $33,783.80
Alternate Bid No. 7 – Wexley Drive $77,437.00
Alternate Bid No. 8 – Meridian Circle $94,488.00
Alternate Bid No. 9 – Remy Place $42,300.15
Alternate Bid No. 10 – Leslie Place $34,845.50
Alternate Bid No. 11 – Andover Place $31,545.40
Alternate Bid No. 12 – Carmel Place $39,027.45
Alternate Bid No. 13 – Derby Place $35,829.30
Alternate Bid No. 14 – Adrian Place $36,421.70
Alternate Bid No. 15 – High Street $95,637.75
Alternate Bid No. 16 – Willow Court $73,151.50
Alternate Bid No. 17 – Union Street $114,182.00
Alternate Bid No. 18 – Jasmine Court $45,299.25
Alternate Bid No. 19 – Thistle Lane $19,220.80
Alternate Bid No. 20 – Bucks Meadow Lane $115,534.25
Alternate Bid No. 21 – Chandler Field Parking Lot $25,099.00

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