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Jewish Deli Told to Take Down Neon Sign in #NewtownPA. Can It Go Back Up?

Jewish Deli Told to Take Down Neon Sign in #NewtownPA. Can It Go Back Up? | Newtown News of Interest |

The neon sign at a Jewish deli in town will not be lit up again after the owner's appeal was denied by the Newtown Township Zoning Hearing Board.


The sign at the Borscht Belt Deli in the Village of Newtown South center was cited as a violation of the zoning code last year, and store co-owner Mike Dalewitz and his business partner appealed, arguing that the township was using "selective enforcement" of its prohibition in the building code against signs that "are illuminated by the use of an inert gas or any form of exposed tubes."


Supervisor John Mack said in an email after the hearing that he has serious concerns with the ordinance the way it is written and with how it is enforced and will bring them up before the supervisors.*


Mike Dalewitz could appeal Thursday's decision, but is now focused on extending an "olive branch" to the township so that the argument over whether the sign should be lit can be put behind them. Township Solicitor David Sander said he agreed with Dalewitz that it would be best to "put this behind us and allow the Borscht Belt to provide a nice eatery for the people of Newtown."


johnmacknewtown's insight:


At the 6 February 2024 Newtown Planning Commission meeting, I informed the Commission that I attended a recent Jointure meeting where I initiated an open discussion on the Sign Provisions of the JMZO. 


I recommended that the PC be involved in recommending changes to problematic sections such as those that refer to neon signs. The PC does not draft amendments to the JMZO. Therefore, the next step would be for the Board of Supervisors to discuss this and authorize the Solicitor to draft an amendment hopefully after discussions with Board members and the public.


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