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12 July 2023 #NewtownPA BOS Meeting Summary

12 July 2023 #NewtownPA BOS Meeting Summary | Newtown News of Interest |

KRE Zoning Challenge, Wireless (5G) Communications Ordinance, LDR Trail update, Tara Blvd crosswalk safety, tractor trailer parking on LDR,  more…

This is my personal summary of the July 12, 2023, meeting of the #NewtownPA Township Board of Supervisors (BOS). This is not a complete nor an official summary.

Access the 2023 BOS Chronicle for detailed summaries of all 2023 BOS meetings plus the BOS voting record (UNOFFICIAL) for 2023.

Agenda Items

  • Planning Committee Report: Comments on KRE Upper Kacungie Associates ZHB Challenge
  • Board Member Report: JZC 5G Ordinance Safety Discussion
  • Public Hearing: 


  1. KRE Substantive Challenge and Curative Amendment
  2. KRE Atty Blackburn Moves to Muzzle Mack!


  • LDR Trail Update
  • Tara Blvd Crosswalk Discussion
  • Detailed Notes
  • Official Video
  • Video Transcript


Read summary, view video...


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