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"Built-Out" Newtown Borough Shares Its Draft 2022 Comprehensive Plan Detailing Open Space Projects

"Built-Out" Newtown Borough Shares Its Draft 2022 Comprehensive Plan Detailing Open Space Projects | Newtown News of Interest |

Having documented Newtown Borough as a “built-out” town with some open-space sites that could be enhanced, the borough’s Open Space and Connectivity Plan next laid out ways to protect open areas and then made a prioritized list of projects.


The recently released plan was put together by, among others, borough council and its Environmental Advisory Council.


The most straightforward method of securing open space protection is outright purchase of the property by the Borough,” said the plan. “This method gives the Borough absolute control over the use and conservation of the property.”


The study then put together a list of “highest priority” short-term projects that should be “actively pursued for funding and/or partnership opportunities.” A total of 20 projects were listed; about half of them tagged as a Number One priority.


Two were in the Newtown Creek North section: “Riparian Buffer Plantings” along the creek. (“Encourage property owners,” it said, “to restore and revegetate.”), and a “Pedestrian Connection” from Newtown Common to Steeple View. (“Develop detailed designs for this by-pass connection through downtown,” it said.)


More details of the plan...



johnmacknewtown's insight:


Compare this plan's principles with the 9 Guiding Principles of the Newtown Area (Jointure) Comprehensive Plan . 


Whereas the Jointure has chosen NOT to publish its draft plan for public scrutiny, the Borough has openly called for the public to review its draft plan.


Also, the Jointure's plan is narrowly focused on issues related to land development and zoning and has scant details of specific projects, the Borough's plan gets into details about projects that are intended to carry out the goals of the plan.


One project that is included in the Borough's plan is the Frost Lane Bridge. For more on that plan see:


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