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"Women's Right to Choose" Resolution Tabled But Not Dead After #NewtownPA BOS Hears Comments From The Public

At the September 14, 2022, BOS meeting, supervisors voted 3-2 to table the motion to vote on the "Women's Right to Choose" resolution proposed by Supervisor Elen Snyder (listen to her comments:


The resolution states "...the Board of Supervisors of Newtown Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania hereby affirms and commits to supporting access to reproductive healthcare, including abortion, and condemning any act by the Pennsylvania General Assembly or Congress of the United States to restricting access to that care."


The room was packed with residents who mostly opposed the resolution. Many cited passages from the bible to justify their opposition, but most commenters said it was not in the purview of the supervisors to pass such resolutions, which, in any case, do not speak for the township as a whole.


View the video of the decision starting with the motion and public comment: 


Supervisors voted 3-2 to table the motion the decision on this resolution. It will be on the September 28, 2022, BOS meeting.


johnmacknewtown's insight:


As reported by Brett Duffey in the Bucks County Herald Supervisor John Mack - who voted to table the motion on resolution - said, “I just wanted to say that we’ve heard a lot from one side of the issue tonight, we haven’t had the ability to hear the other side and I want to table this so that we have an opportunity to organize maybe the other side to come and make public comments.”


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