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Newtown Township Supervisors Agree to Draft An Abortion Rights Resolution

At the August 10, 2022, Newtown Township Board of Supervisors (BOS) meeting, the controversial issue of abortion rights was discussed. In the end, supervisors voted 3-1 (Mr. Mack was absent) to authorize the Township Solicitor to draft an abortion rights resolution to be voted on at the September 14, 2022, BOS meeting.

Supervisor Kyle Davis opposed the action saying "I'm not unsympathetic to your thoughts on on the issue ... I just wanted to make this statement: it's not in our purview and it's a very controversial issue and ... I don't want to bring controversial issues from state and federal level down to Newtown Township."

Other members respected that opinion but noted that there is a need to prevent the state government from altering the constitution taking away women's right to choose.

Supervisor Snyder said "What we're doing is supporting our elected officials as they fight for women's rights and to keep them in the constitution as they already exist... so we're just telling them to please fight for women."

One resident commented on the respectful manner in which the BOS expressed their opinions: "What drew me to this lectern, said Terry Christensen, "was the respectful way that you communicated with one another . You set a fine example. There was an understanding an exchange of ideas. It didn't turn into personal attacks. You set a fine example. I wish some of our members of Congress could see how it works - maybe they should come to our meetings more often."



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