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Newtown Borough Implements "Walk Friendly Newtown"  Pedestrian Safety Outreach Campaign

Newtown Borough Implements "Walk Friendly Newtown"  Pedestrian Safety Outreach Campaign | Newtown News of Interest |

Newtown Borough Councilor Amy Lustig said: “I feel that the more people realize that pedestrian safety is of great importance to all parts of the Newtown community – residents, businesses, law enforcement, government – the more attention will be paid to others on the street. and for safe walking, cycling and driving.”

Lustig’s comment was in reference to the Borough’s new outreach campaign, which is part of Walk Friendly Newtown, the Borough’s newest committee created in response to the city’s increase in pedestrian accidents.

“The goal of the outreach project is to get everyone who lives, works and moves around the area to become active participants in making the community safe for pedestrians,” said Lustig, who is also a liaison to the Walk Friendly Newtown Committee.

Pedestrian safety stickers were distributed throughout the State Street business district that read, “Newtown Loves Pedestrians. Please use crosswalks.”

Free car magnets are also given away. Borough residents are offered free Slow Your Roll car magnets (available at Borough Hall, 23 N. State St.).

johnmacknewtown's insight:

Meanwhile, residents of the Newtown Walk Community have a significant safety concern with the intersection located at Tara Blvd and Newtown-Yardley Rd. This is the main crossing point for residents to access the sidewalk to walk into Newtown Borough (there is no sidewalk on the Newtown Walk side of the street).


Despite the clear crosswalk indications and sign denoting the crosswalk, drivers regularly do not yield and drive through the crosswalk, claim several residents in emails to the supervisors and township management.


In response, the NTPD did a video surveillance - 47 separate details at the location over 29 hours - and found that there were 93 pedestrians to cross. There were only six violations observed and in each violation the driver's behavior was not egregious and on at least two occasions the violation was made by the pedestrian.


Residents requested a pedestrian-activated beacon or flashing light.


When the issue of pedestrian safety on N Sycamore St came up in November 2021, before a pedestrian was killed crossing using the crosswalk in December, Police Chief Hearn said “It comes down to educating the public....Additional signage with lighting elements, that runs into an additional cost factor and involves ongoing maintenance and a liability factor if a bulb burns out and it’s not replaced in a timely manner. It’s a managed approach, but I believe education is the best way to go at this point.”


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