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Lower Dolington Road Trail Trash

Lower Dolington Road Trail Trash | Newtown News of Interest |

A resident of the Ridings Development sent these photos and an email message to Newtown Supervisors regarding the LDR trail trash at the corner of Stanford Drive:


"Someone needs to come out and clean up the leftover materials. There’s a rusty piece of metal, 5 gallon buckets with standing water and garbage, and chunks of broken concrete sticking up in an overgrown patch of grass.

"There is no reason for this trash to remain here. It’s ugly and dangerous, and it’s pretty much a lawsuit waiting to happen."


UPDATE (6/30/22): The township has removed at least some of the garbage/litter and removed the netting laying on the ADA ramp. The barrels and netting have been removed from the sidewalk on the northeast corner at Stanford Dr to allow pedestrians to reach the intersection. Other barrels and netting have been moved to be less intrusive. There is still weed overgrowth as before and landscapers are blocked from properly mowing and attending the flowers and other plants. The site remains unsightly. It would cost the township $800-$1,000 to "redeploy" the contractor to come back to the site and do the job of removing these unneeded barrels and netting and debris (such as the cut cable, which remains but is blocked off by netting). In my opinion they should have done a cleanup BEFORE they left the site long ago.

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