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Philly and Other PA Cities Clash With The Commonwealth Over Local Gun Control

Philly and Other PA Cities Clash With The Commonwealth Over Local Gun Control | Newtown News of Interest |

[“The Pennsylvania Senate posted a strong pro-Second Amendment vote early Tuesday evening when they gave final approval to HB 979 on a vote of 32 to 17. The bipartisan vote total is almost veto-proof.” – NRA]


“[Philadelphia] is involved in … ongoing cases over the city’s ability to enforce its Lost and Stolen Ordinance, which would require gun owners to report lost or stolen firearms within 24 hours, and over the state’s firearm preemption law, of which CeaseFirePA is a plaintiff.


“These guns join the sea of illegal and legal guns that are accessible in the heat of the moment, turning what could have stayed an argument into a homicide,” Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said during a November press conference.


City Controller Rebecca Rhynhart, who has also been critical of the city’s approach to increased gun violence, released an analysis this week of gun crime trends in Philadelphia from 2015 through 2020. After reviewing the police department’s clearance and conviction rates, Rhynhart said the city needs short-term, targeted initiatives, not long-term citywide approaches.


According to the report, the number of individuals arrested for illegal gun possession increased by more than 100% between 2015 and 2020. During that same time, the share of illegal gun possession cases resulting in convictions by the district attorney’s office fell from 65% to 42%. She said that while the state has been unwilling to support Philadelphia’s effort to enact stricter gun laws, the city can still do more to strengthen its enforcement.


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