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PennDOT Rejects Request by Arcadia for Direct Access to the Newtown Bypass

PennDOT Rejects Request by Arcadia for Direct Access to the Newtown Bypass | Newtown News of Interest |

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has turned down Arcadia’s request for direct access to the Newtown Bypass as part of its plans to build a new housing development at Buck Road and the Bypass.


The agency also rejected a secondary suggestion that would have allowed left turns from the development onto northbound Buck Road.


Newtown Township Solicitor David Sander announced the decisions at the township’s July board of supervisors meeting.


What it has agreed to, said Sander, is allowing a U-Turn at Mill Pond Road and Diamond Drive at the entrances to the Eagle Ridge and Crown Pointe developments that would allow traffic from the new development to double back for access to the bypsss and destinations north of the bypass.


In its letter to the township, PennDOT said it will “not allow” a new direct driveway access to Route 332 (Newtown Bypass), which would require a break in the Limited Access Right of Way. Additionally, it said the Department “will not permit” left turns out from the Service Road onto Buck Road as proposed in Alternatives 2 and 3.


PennDOT said it “has significant concerns with the safety and efficacy of the potential access options and movements, in particular the weaving movement that would be introduced on Route 332 in Alternative 1 and allowing lefts out from the Service Road onto Buck Road in Alternatives 2 and 3 especially given the increased turning movement volumes at that intersection due to the development as well the very close proximity of the Service Road intersection to the Route 332 signalized intersection combined with few gaps and long queues on northbound Buck Road.“


After studying all the options, PennDOT said the U-Turn option is the only “acceptable” alternative.



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