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No Traffic Committee Needed Say Newtown Township Supervisors!

No Traffic Committee Needed Say Newtown Township Supervisors! | Newtown News of Interest |

At the July 14, 2021, Board of Supervisors meeting there was a long discussion about the makeup of this committee viz-a-viz the Borough vs. the Township. In the end, the BOS decided not to take any action; i.e., a revised resolution will NOT be sent to the Borough Council for their consideration.


View the video of the discussion...


Purpose of the Proposed Committee

“The purpose of the Newtown Joint Traffic Committee shall be to improve the quality of life for Newtown Township and Newtown Borough residents, to improve Newtown Township’s and Newtown Borough’s desirability to visitors, workers, and businesses, and to ensure safe access to multi-modal transportation options that meet the needs of residents, visitors, workers, and businesses in Newtown Township and Newtown Borough by ensuring the ability to safely walk, drive, bike, and use public transportation throughout the Township and Borough in accordance with a consistent and comprehensive approach to pedestrian and vehicular circulation and safety.”


Other agenda items:

  • Updates from recent Environmental Advisory Council meetings
  • Update from the June 28, 2021, Technology &: Communications Committee (website analytics, hybrid meetings)
  • Approvals of Five Guys & Halal Guys
  • Vote to approve Purdue Pharma Settlement Plan
  • Intergovernmental Fire Service Agreement with Newtown Borough
  • Wawa ZHB Update
  • June 2021 Police Report
  • Approval of payment of the June 23, 2021 and July 14, 2021 bills totaling $711,859.65 and $467,031.82
johnmacknewtown's insight:

Providing diverse and safe transportation options is, IMHO, paramount to attracting new businesses to the township. Supervisors make the decisions that are hopefully based on maximum input from residents.


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