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FBI Questions Jim Worthington and Other Bucks County Residents Following Attack On Capitol

FBI Questions Jim Worthington and Other Bucks County Residents Following Attack On Capitol | Newtown News of Interest |

[Republican Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick, a former FBI special agent, suggested Worthington call an attorney.]


Special agents from the FBI have visited multiple Bucks Countians as part of their investigations following last week’s attack on the U.S. Capitol


Two law enforcement sources and a political insider have confirmed to that special agents have visited residents in the county, including in the lower end. A law enforcement source said it was their understanding that the visits were part of due diligence on tips received.


Two organized bus trips from Bucks County went down to Washington D.C. last Wednesday for a rally featuring President Donald Trump and allies airing grievances about President-Elect Joe Biden’s win. No one connected to the buses is known to be facing charges and organizers for the one bus convoy said the group went to hear Trump speak at the rally a short distance from the capitol complex.


Jim Worthington, the owner of the Newtown Athletic Club and a supporter of Trump who organized the one bus group, said on The Conservative Voice radio program Friday that the FBI visited him Wednesday. He said his girlfriend was at his Bucks County home and put the special agents in touch with Worthington.


Worthington, who personally and as a business owner has faced backlash for his support of Trump, said he spoke with the special agents with his attorney present. He said the FBI special agents asked about his whereabouts last Wednesday and he showed them video while describing he was just feet from Trump during his speech at the rally and not at the capitol.


The businessman, who runs the People4Trump group, said in a statement last Saturday that the people on his buses did not break the law. He added during the radio interview that he was not on the buses and was in his car headed home while the attack was happening.


Worthington noted he knows of another person who was at the rally who was visited by federal agents.

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