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How Much Do Newtown Residents Like Township Parks & Recreation?

How Much Do Newtown Residents Like Township Parks & Recreation? | Newtown News of Interest |

A recently completed Citizens Survey reveals which parks are most popular with residents and whether recreation programs need improving.


Quality of Parks, Recreation programs, and Recreation centers/facilities were at the top of the list following Fire and Police Services! A majority of survey respondents (58.1%) say they have used township recreational programming, which was rated Good by 42% of respondents and Excellent by 48% of respondents.



johnmacknewtown's insight:

One item that certain residents believe need improving in Newtown's parks are the toilet facilities, which remained closed up until recently when a resident complained and threatened legal action:


I am a Public Health Professional and longtime resident of Newtown Township. I, like many of the Township residents,utilize the Newtown Township Parks. The Township has spent Millions Of Dollars, (literally Many Millions), on obtaining and creating the 3 township parks, Veterans, Roberts Ridge, and Helen Randle.
Township Manager Micah Lewis, and the Board of Supervisors has refused to rectify the situation of no public sanitary facilities available in all of 2020 while the parks do remain open and sometimes heavily utilized.
There are no public facilities available for hand washing, defecating, or urinating.
There have been NO Open facilities available in these 3 parks in 2020. They were NEVER opened.
An EASY solution that overcomes Micah's Public Works Employee's safety issue is  to RENT Porta Potties. They each cost $126 per month.
So for $378 a Month, Newtown's 3 lovely and expensive parks can actually be sanitarily utilized by the public .
There IS a public Health Crisis if you have not noticed. The MAIN tools to fight the germ crisis is HAND washing and certainly NOT spreading germs by using the grounds at large to take care of "business". 
As the NewtownTownship Board of Supervisors and the Township Manager have offered no remediation to the situation, I am proceeding to contact our state legislators, Perry Warren and Steve Santarsiero, and our U.S. Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick in this matter.
A Public Petition on the issue will be circulated and presented to all parties in local, state, and Federal government, and the FULLY documented story WITH Pictures Will be submitted to the Bucks County Courier Times for the quickly approaching HOLIDAY Weekend.
In response, the Township Manager said, "After further discussion with our insurance provider, and legal council, we have decided that we will be placing a portable restroom in Veterans Park. The facility will be posted with signage that states "This Facility is not Maintained by Newtown Township - Please Use at Your Descretion." If the facility becomes damaged, unsanitary, or unuseable in any way, our staff will lock it, and the vendor will be contacted to rectify the situation."
I later confirmed that portable toilet facilities were delivered to Roberts Ridge, Veterans, Chandler, and Helen Randle Parks.
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