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When Will Parking Improve in the Village at Newtown Shopping Center?

When Will Parking Improve in the Village at Newtown Shopping Center? | Newtown News of Interest |

[Image shows view from new section along walkway leading to McCaffery's and new parking spaces on left.]


The Newtown Township Board of Supervisors on Wednesday granted conditional use approval for a new taco restaurant to open at the Village at Newtown Shopping Center.


Bomba Tacos & Rum, an Ohio-based Latin-style restaurant and bar, will open in the new building under construction at the shopping center. The establishment has already received approval from the township for its liquor license transfer.


Parking issues at the shopping center, which have been a concern among many in the community, were discussed during the hearing. Joe Blackburn, the attorney representing the shopping center, said that the new parking spaces in the quadrant under construction are starting to become available for shopping center customers.


"Those spaces are starting to come online and I absolutely think you'll see an alleviation of both the traffic and the parking concerns," Blackburn said.


"The busy times of these restaurants are not going to be the busy times of McCaffrey's," he added.


When construction is complete, the shopping center owner has committed to undertake additional traffic studies to address outstanding concerns, Blackburn said.

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