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Once Again, Newtown Township Holds The Line on Real Estate Tax. Bucks County? Not So Much!

Once Again, Newtown Township Holds The Line on Real Estate Tax. Bucks County? Not So Much! | Newtown News of Interest |

At its most recent board meeting Dec. 11, township supervisors unanimously approved a budget that adds no new taxes in 2020.

Newtown’s real estate millage rate is among the lowest in Bucks County. “There continues to be no proposed tax increase to support the general fund or any of the other supporting funds,” said Township Manager Micah Lewis at a November meeting of the supervisors.

At a work session hosted in October by the board, Lewis had voiced his concerns over what he saw as decreasing revenues in earned income taxes. 


[View video: “Thoughts on Newtown Township's Deficit Spending”;]

Shortly after the preliminary budget’s unveiling, Board Secretary John Mack proposed the addition of a subscription to Savvy Citizen, a mobile app that alerts users of township announcements.

“I like the presentation from Savvy Citizen; I think it’s a good product,” said board Vice Chair Linda Bobrin. “However, I don’t think it’s something we should consider at the moment. We have a lot expenditures coming up including for more police.”

When called for a vote at the mid-November board session, the supervisors voted 3-2 against adding a line in the budget for the mobile app.

Mack says he’s trying to get sponsors to absorb the cost of the app and that he will ask the board to reconsider Savvy Citizen in discussions set to take place early next year. Supervisors have until Feb. 15 to amend next year’s expenses.

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Bucks Commissioners OK 2020 Budget with a 1 Mill Tax Increase ( Meanwhile, Newtown Township Supervisors held the line with NO real estate tax increase for 2020. One has to wonder which provides residents with more services - the county or the township?


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