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Newtown Artesian Water Publishes Q3 2019 PFAS Test Results

Newtown Artesian Water Publishes Q3 2019 PFAS Test Results | Newtown News of Interest |

After the Newtown Artesian Water Company (NAWC) sent a letter to residents in February 2019, that PFAS (Definition) - perfluorinated compounds - were detected in Newtown Township's water, supervisor Mack requested that Mr. Dan Angove, NAWC General Manager, return to report on the situation. Mr. Angove complied and presented the Q1 2019 test results at the May 8, 2019, Board of Supervisors public meeting (read "Update on PFAS in Newtown's Water Supply").

At that meeting, Mr. Angove promised that NAWC would test Newtown's water sources for PFAS every quarter and publish the results on its website. The 2019 third quarter (Q3) results are now available. John mack created  charts to show the levels of PFAS in relation to different Minimum Contamination Levels (MCLs) and the trends.


More here (included trends chart)...

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