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Expert: US-Vietnam military relations warming Vietnam was America intentionally offensive weapons
During the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff revealed Martin Dempsey on the 16th visit to Vietnam, the United States in the "near future" to discuss whether to cancel the ban lethal weapons to Vietnam provisions. Military expert Du Wenlong said during an interview with CCTV, said Vietnam needs offensive weapons, thereby improving sea and air forces of neighboring countries deterrent. China Research Institute of International Ruan Zongze that the warming of US-Vietnam military relations between the two countries, the United States marked the further deepening of the South China Sea issue involved.

Vietnam hopes to obtain weapons deterrent from the United States

U.S. arms embargo against Vietnam has experienced a process from tightening to relax. United States arms embargo against Vietnam South Vietnam regime collapse began in 1975, when the Viet Cong seized a large number of American arms left over to South Vietnam, the United States this has been brooding. 1984, Washington formally implemented an arms embargo against Vietnam. However, in recent years the attitude taken by the United States embargo has been softened. In 2007, the United States policy toward Vietnam weapons ban obvious change, the Bush administration revision of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, as the case may allow the sale of non-lethal weapons to Vietnam, but all deadly weapons remains limited. The United States if the "partial lifting of the ban on the sale of lethal weapons", arms exports to Vietnam will further relaxed....

...Du Wenlong noted that the Vietnamese want to get the most air and sea and amphibious equipment. Most Vietnam helicopters currently in use or during World War II and the Vietnam War from the United States seized the UH-1 helicopters, if Vietnam has A-10 attack aircraft and AH-64 "Apache" helicopter gunships, then Vietnam will be the ability to control at low altitude substantial increase in the target for reconnaissance capability will enhance the surrounding seas. In addition, the special needs of amphibious ships in Vietnam to improve amphibious capabilities, such as second-hand "Wasp" class amphibious assault landing craft or other common, with these weapons, the ability to defend and attack capabilities Vietnam vested interests will be greatly improved. Vietnam may also purchase radar, through a wide range of remote surveillance and early warning, raise the South China Sea maritime and aerial reconnaissance capabilities.