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Drag and Drop News Curation: Storify for iPad Is Here

Robin Good: The new Storify news curation tool is now available for the iPad, bringing the ease of drag and drop to the curation world. 

"Founded in 2009, this seven person company has done a remarkable job surviving the market and being one of the major players in the world of content curation.


[Storify has been adopted by] 22 out of top 25 news sites in the United States...

Just like Twitter has their trending topics, Storify’s service allows people to keep track of the relevant social media trending topics. Users are able to tell their own story about these major events (like Whitney Houston or Greece’s economic downfall or even Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime performance), and embed them on their own website.

Be your own crowd-sourced storyteller, by dragging in tweets, status updates, photos, and videos from a variety of social networks in order to help you create a better story and telling experience."


Check out this video interview shot yesterday with the Storify team demonstrating the new app: ;

The Storify app is free to download right from the iTunes store:

Find out more: ;

Via Robin Good, BBR Warrior
Joo Yeon Yook's curator insight, October 9, 2013 9:14 AM

정보를 퍼블리싱하는 인터랙션 방법이 다양화되는 중-

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Curate Your Newsletter by Dragging and Dropping Your Selected Articles: FlashIssue

Robin Good: FlashIssue is a web app which allows you to easily assemble a professional-looking newsletter, by bringing together your best content as well as any article available online.

FlashIssue can read your site RSS feed or for that matter any RSS feed you provide it with and you can pick and select from the stream of items in the feed the ones you want to include in your newsletter.

Not only.


You can search for any topic via an integrated Google Search or provide the URL of a specific web page you want to integrate.

Once done, you can personalize the newsletter with your banner, text introduction and footer and then send it to all of your contacts in Gmail, or to your subscribers lists inside MailChimp, ConstantContact and other mail delivery services.


N.B.: A Google Chrome plugin also allows you to easily clip and grab any content directly from any web page and easily integrate it inside your curated newsletter.


See how it works: ;


Read more about it: ;


Chrome plugin: ;


Try it out:   ;

Via Robin Good, Tom George
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News Curation - Back To The Future [2006]: Marshall Kirkpatrick and the Human News Aggregator Interview [mp3]

Robin Good: Digging back into my article archives I have just run into a special gem, dating back to 2006.


Thanks to the curious and entrepreneurial spirit of Marshall Kirkpatrick, in this short audio interview (6':21"), I get to explain what was my vision then (six years ago) for what we now call "news curation".


Missing any better term for something that had no previous history of practice, at the time I had labelled "newsmaster" the news-curator professional, and "newsradar" the final output (a finely-tuned thematic news channel bringing you the best from many different sources).


The interview had been done for the web magazine NetSquared and you can find more info about this and a full transcription of the interview right here:


Let me know what you think.


Update: Right after I had posted this short story, I went to check a bit how my old friend Marshall Kirkpatrick, author of the above interview, was doing, and headed to his blog... and what I discovered left me startled and enthusiastic at the same time. Read it by yourself:


Isn't the world amazing?

Via Robin Good
Marshall's comment, August 5, 2012 1:19 PM
Robin, that is too funny that we were both thinking of that old interview! I still love your vision from back then of curation specialists inside companies. Hope you're well, old friend!
Robin Good's comment, August 5, 2012 2:13 PM
Hi Marshall, great to hear from you! Yes, we seem to be still in sync after all these years and for good reasons too.

I am well and I wish you all the best in what you are doing! Keep it up.
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Enterprise-Level Real-Time News Curation Platform: PublishThis

Robin Good: PublishThis is an enterprise level full content curation and publishing platform allowing news and content discovery, topic monitoring, full editing and curation capabilities as well as social media sharing and monetization options.

It joins Onespot, Lingspot, Daylife, Aggregage, Eqentia, CIThread and a few other ones in the group of enterprise news and content curation tools inside the tools-map.

Alternative "plans"/solutions:

(pricing not publicly available)


Register for private Beta here:

Requesta a demo:

More info:

Via Robin Good, BBR Warrior
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Curate and Monetize Your Own Digital Newspaper with

Curate and Monetize Your Own Digital Newspaper with | Digital-News on today |

Robin Good: one of the early players in the news aggregation, discovery and auto-curation space has been significantly improving its service which now offers also a $9/month Pro version. allows you to set a number of search queries on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and to import specific RSS feeds to "aggregate" the most relevant on a certain topic or theme.


You as a curator can "preview" your yet-to-be-published news magazine and can manually pick and decide which "stories" to publish and which ones to drop by simply hovering your mouse on anyone of them.


"Editions" can be auto-scheduled and can automatically announce on Twitter and via email to your subscribers when a new one is out.


PRO users get to have the last word before any edition gets published, by way of a "preview before promotion" feature that lets you control when notifications go out and gives you time to make changes, can add promotional banners, standard ads or other marketing materials in a set of predefined hot spots on their news page, and can "brand" their magazine with their own banner, background image and personalized colors.


More info:


Try it out now:





Via Robin Good
lelapin's comment, July 28, 2012 12:31 AM
I'm glad you have your own paper. I'm a big fan of
Liz Wilson's comment, July 28, 2012 3:00 AM
Thanks for the review Robin and the clear explanation of what users can do. Much appreciated.
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Critical Aspects of Content Curation In The Newsroom: Link and Attribution Are Essential - Steve Buttry

Critical Aspects of Content Curation In The Newsroom: Link and Attribution Are Essential - Steve Buttry | Digital-News on today |

Robin Good: Steve Buttry, who has already written several articles on content curation (see the end of his original article), just published this in-depth essay celebrating the launch of a new curation team at Digital First Media and pointing to many of the critical factors neeeded for a content / news curator to be effective.


He covers a lot ground while giving a particular emphasis to the importance of linking and attribution. He writes: "Where you can’t learn much about the source of content you’re curating, consider crowdsourcing the question: Note the name and organization, tell readers what you’ve found and that you’re continuing research and ask them what they know about the source.

Where the source of online content is unclear, you should be clear about what you know and where you found the material."




"Sometimes the name of a person or organization is not sufficient attribution.


If the person or organization is not well-known, do a little research (Google will provide quick answers in many cases; sometimes an “about us” page will help).


Especially in political content, you want to note whether you are linking to partisan sources. A liberal or conservative think tank or political action committee is an entirely different kind of source from a professional media outlet or an independent fact-checking site."


Steve Buttry also includes some valuable key guidelines on "how to add value" when curating content and suggests several types of curation approaches that can be used in the newsroom.


Good advice on curation and practical tips. 8/10


Full article:


(Image credit: Shutterstock

Via Robin Good
Giuseppe Mauriello's comment, July 20, 2012 2:43 PM
Hi Robin,
in this period I am busy, and I have no time to discover news and curate my topic.
Thank you so much for your great curation!