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The shameful silence of the CEOs |

The shameful silence of the CEOs | | Agents of Behemoth |

As the Republican Party moves toward Trump’s looniness — his xenophobia, isolationism, attacks on the press and on truth, conflicts of interest, anti-Muslim and racist provocations, climate-change denials, proposed cuts in Medicare and Medicaid, dismantling of the Affordable Care Act, and evisceration of the constitutional divide between church and state — Jamie Dimon and his ilk could come out big losers.

Occupy Hades's insight:

Why don't the skinflints, cheapskates and misers in the GOP leadership stand up for the needs of voters? It's because, between the kickbacks and the dark money, they have no need for you.


It doesn't matter whether you're a GOP constituent or not.


The middle class and working people don't pay GOP leaders enough to care, but the CEOs do. So when CEOs don't want Republican leaders to help the voting public, help doesn't come. 

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Scooped by Occupy Hades!

Trump’s Budget Would Balloon Deficit, Slash Social Safety Net – Talking Points Memo

Trump’s Budget Would Balloon Deficit, Slash Social Safety Net – Talking Points Memo | Agents of Behemoth |

The president’s spending outline for the first time acknowledges that the Republican tax overhaul passed last year would add billions to the deficit and not “pay for itself” as Trump and his Republican allies asserted. If enacted as proposed, though no presidential budget ever is, the plan would establish an era of $1 trillion-plus yearly deficits.

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