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“Nothing Is Impossible”

You know, many times people’s realms of faith is based on their life experience.  Some people fail and quit ( “It hurts to bad”) and other fail and learn (“wow that was expensive”) but the one who succeeds learns from their experience.

America needs more entrepreneur right now.  Entrepreneurship will help Americans get back on their feet.  I don’t care if it’s just a hot dog stand as long a you as a person believe in what you’re doing, then “Engage” (in my best Jean Luc Picard voice).

Sometimes things that seem impossible are just a reminder that you have to be more creative in how you approach to your equation.  Everything (even your business) is a Rubiks cube waiting to be solved.  It’s all in how you look at the process.  It’s all in your methods.  Sometimes failing is life telling you to adjust how you’re looking at the problem.  Example “I need more customers”, when you might need to look at things as “What can I do to make my product experience more valuable to potential customers.”  Its all in how we see things.

So yes, if you believe it, the more than likely then that’s what you’ll see.  In a nutshell, “People who look for bullshit find it”.  “People who look for opportunities also find them”

Let’s look for the possible because “you’re possible”

I’m ReggieRedd and ThatsTheBottomline