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GetAtMe HipHopRoadShow- Max94.1 in Baton Rouge


This week we’re gonna check out Max94.1 in Baton Rouge La.  I have always loved Baton Rouge.  It’s a nice town with loads of culture.  Southern University is there and that’s a real plus.  Max94.1 is turnt up and we’ll be checking them out all this week.

One thing I can say about this station, their ad load is topped out.  Not only did I hear all the slots full but I heard such a variance of spots.  You know a stations doing good when you hear full spot loads (they’re making money) and the spots sounded good. 

The music is hip hop abd it’s good listening for the daypart workforce.  I can see the offices keeping this station on. 

The PD J Tweeney and MD Micheal Kay keeps the music moving and current.  This gonna be a good week.

The is ReggieRedd and were on the HipHopRoadShow