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Why Tim Cook is Steve Ballmer and Why He Still Has His Job at Apple

Why Tim Cook is Steve Ballmer and Why He Still Has His Job at Apple | cross pond high tech |
As Steve Blank states: "The dilemma facing the boards at Microsoft, Apple or any board of directors on the departure of an innovative CEO is strategic: Do we still want to be a innovative, risk taking company? Or should we now focus on execution of our core business, reduce our risky bets and maximize shareholder return.Tactically, that question results in asking: Do you search for another innovator from outside, promote one of the executors or go deeper down the organization to find an innovator?Herein lies four challenges. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates (and 20th century’s other creative icon -Walt Disney) shared the same blind spot: They suggested execution executives as their successors. They confused world-class execution with the passion for product and customers, and market insight. From the perspective of Gates there was no difference between him and Ballmer and from Jobs to Cook. Yet history has shown us for long-term survival in markets that change rapidly that’s definitely not the case.The second conundrum is that if the board decides that the company needs another innovator at the helm, you can almost guarantee that the best executor – the number 2 and/or 3 vice president in the company – will leave, feeling that they deserved the job. Now the board is faced with not only having lost its CEO, but potentially the best of the executive staff.The third challenge is that many innovative/visionary CEOs have become part of the company’s brand. Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Immelt, Elon Musk, Mark Benioff, Larry Ellison. This isn’t a new phenomenon, think of 20th-century icons like Walt Disney, Edward Land at Polaroid, Henry Ford, Lee Iacocca at Chrysler, Jack Welch at GE and Alfred Sloan at GM. But they’re not only an external face to the company, they were often the touchstone for internal decision-making. Years after a visionary CEO is gone companies are still asking “What would Walt Disney/Steve Jobs/Henry Ford have done?” rather than figuring out what they should now be doing in the changing market.Finally, the fourth conundrum is that as companies grow larger and management falls prey to the fallacy that it only exists to maximize shareholder short-term return on investment, companies become risk averse. Large companies and their boards live in fear of losing what they spent years gaining (customers, market share, revenue, profits.) This may work in stable markets and technologies. But today very few of those remain."
Philippe J DEWOST's insight:
Words of wisdom about execution without vision, that raise what looks to me as Ze Question : how do we synchronize time horizons (milliseconds, days, weeks, quarters, 5-years strategic plans, 15-years generations) in a world of permanent disruption and exponential changes ?
Enrique Facundo Ruiz Blanco's curator insight, October 31, 2016 6:51 AM

Un análisis claro de cómo las grandes empresas creativas comienzan a priorizar el negocio y pierden terreno en la innovación

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Software is Eating Hardware - Lessons for Building Magical Devices

Software is Eating Hardware - Lessons for Building Magical Devices | cross pond high tech |
“Software is eating hardware.”
That might sound counterintuitive given all the innovative hardware plays in the mix today — from Android Wear, SmartThings, Sproutling and Nest to the hotly anticipated iWatch. But Adam MacBeth, an advocate of the software-first approach, would argue that those products are only as compelling as the end-to-end experience that sets them alight.
“People think that they can build a game-changer with some really great industrial design and packaging, but that’s not the case anymore,” says MacBeth, whose work has helped shaped the iPod, Jawbone’s wristbands and FiftyThree’s Pencil. “Incredible industrial design is increasingly non-optional, what really matters is an equally beautiful software system that spans mobile, desktop, and more. It’s something that takes a lot of thought to get right.”
As technology accelerates, with companies like Dragon Innovation making manufacturing, supply chain and distribution cheaper and easier than ever before, tons of hardware startups are coming out of the woodwork. In this exclusive First Round Review interview, MacBeth offers tactics for how these companies can capture people’s imagination and create truly world-class products.

Via Yves Caseau
Philippe J DEWOST's insight:

Isn't everything "Software Defined" nowadays ?

Yves Caseau's curator insight, June 1, 2014 12:34 AM

Great set of principles to add magical user experiences to our digital lives

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Présenter vos innovations hardware/software à Pékin au Forum Digital & Culture ? 30 places sont disponibles

Présenter vos innovations hardware/software à Pékin au Forum Digital & Culture ? 30 places sont disponibles | cross pond high tech |

La France et la Chine organisent à Pékin le Forum Digital et Culture, les 22 et 23 janvier 2015. Dans ce cadre, une trentaine d’entreprises françaises, petites ou pas, start-up y compris, seront invitées à présenter à Pékin leurs applications et innovations dans le hardware et le software à des entreprises et des investisseurs chinois.

Ce forum est conçu pour permettre aux entreprises françaises désireuses de s’implanter à l’international de tisser des liens durables avec les acteurs chinois ; non seulement pour prendre pied sur le marché chinois mais aussi pour s’appuyer sur un partenariat franco-chinois afin de percer sur le marché mondial.

Le Forum Digital et Culture de Pékin est labellisé par le Commissariat général pour la commémoration du cinquantenaire des relations diplomatiques entre la France et la Chine. Il s’agit ainsi d’une manifestation approuvée et suivie au plus haut niveau dans nos deux pays.

Le Forum Digital et Culture de Pékin sera constitué de 4 moments principaux :

La présentation des entreprises et l’exposition de leurs applications/innovations sur leurs stands. Des interprètes Français < > Chinois seront affectés à chaque entreprise exposant.Des table-rondes portant sur les nouvelles problématiques liées à la création de contenu pour plusieurs supports (mobiles, tablettes, ordinateur), il s’agira surtout de présenter un état de l’art et les perspectives des évolutions techniques.Une session « pitch investisseurs », pour les entreprises françaises exposant qui le souhaitent, devant des investisseurs chinois et français,Un hackathon, mené en parallèle avec le partenariat et sur le campus de Baidu.

Les entreprises françaises exposant au Forum de Pékin seront sélectionnées par un jury composé de personnalités qualifiées à l’issue du processus décrit ici.

Philippe J DEWOST's insight:

Avis à La French Tech : candidatez avant le 17 Novembre pour participer au Forum Digital et Culture à Pékin les 22 et 23 Janvier !

Philippe J DEWOST's comment, October 24, 2014 6:30 AM
je ferai partie du Jury ...
Scooped by Philippe J DEWOST!

New USI baseline "Unexpected Sources of Inspiration" and speakers lineup announced today

New USI baseline "Unexpected Sources of Inspiration" and speakers lineup announced today | cross pond high tech |

Pascal Cagni est un spécialiste d’économie numérique européenne. Il a mis en œuvre une approche innovante dans le déploiement de produits et de services révolutionnaires.

Recruté par Steve Jobs au début des années 2000 en tant que Directeur général et VP Apple Europe, Moyen-Orient, Inde et Afrique (EMEIA), il a été durant 12 ans à la tête d’une région de 130 pays dont le revenu est passé de 1,2 milliard de dollars à plus de 37 milliards de dollars.

Après un début de carrière en tant que consultant chez Booz & Co, il a rejoint Compaq Computers, a crée Software Publishing France (SPC) et conduit Packard Bell NEC à la place de numéro un du marché européen des PC grand public.

Philippe J DEWOST's insight:

"Unexpected Sources of Inspiration" - Great USI lineup. Proudly sponsored by Caisse Des Dépôts. See you there ? Hurry because it is almost fully booked.

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