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Recently we shared a post regarding an all in one toolkit for Samsung Galaxy Note II (GT-N8000) by Mskip, a renowned developer and senior moderator of XDA team. He has submitted incredibly simple all in one multipurpose toolkit that allows users to play with their devices with the amazing features of this toolkit. Basic features include rooting, talking backups, restoring.

A similar toolkit was also released for the predecessor of Note II i.e, SIII but was limited to international versions only which includes I9300 and I9500. But now, Mskip has release an update to the famous toolkit by adding support for AT&T, Sprint and TMobile. The wait is finally over for the users who having waiting for a simple and all in one app that could help them with everything , right from taking backups to rooting an installing a different rom. This all in one toolkit is a power packed app for windows that simplifies your work where in all you have to do is enter numbers and that's it!