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Why we started Scoop.it


Once an opportunity, publishing content has become an obligation for professionals and businesses. With the new social media and SEO rules, it’s content that now drives their online visibility, defines their areas of expertise and helps them generate new business and leads.

But content is hard.

We started Scoop.it because we believed software and technology could make content publishing much more time-efficient and impacting for professionals in general, and marketers as well as business intelligence officers in particular.

Our story: from content curation to lean content marketing


We launched as a content curation service back in 2011 and we’re proud to have helped close to 8 million users publish tens of millions of pieces of content to attract hundreds of millions of readers.

Beyond validating our technology, these numbers gave us a unique understanding of what worked and what didn’t to drive visibility online. By collecting data points from our users, by listening to the many business owners and marketers among them who came to our meetups, by experimenting a lot ourselves and by cross-checking our findings with the industry’s top influencers, we developed a unique methodology to achieve content ROI: lean content marketing.

Lean content marketing is not just a series of best practices that our community regularly enrich, improve and share. It also provides a framework for our product roadmap which is how we built our business and enterprise versions on top of the Scoop.it platform that helps thousands of businesses and enterprises leverage content.

Content and audience engagement


At the end of 2017, we took a new step and launched our content intelligence solution. Our ambition was to go further than filtering the web. We wanted to use artificial intelligence to analyze the tens of millions of content sources that we crawl with Scoop.it. In doing so, we aimed at better understanding the topics this content is about and derive meaningful and data-driven insights for marketers. This step allowed Scoop.it to join the Linkfuence Group. Linkfluence is a company that specializes in providing social insight to global brands.

And now Scoop.it is still offering its well-known simple and powerful content curation experience. At the team level, we’ll keep offering a high level of support to our valuable clients and users and continue to offer technology that enables you to research and publish the best content for marketing, business intelligence and knowledge sharing purposes. Scoop.it is still here to help you engage your audience with the best content!



We dare to try and take risks, admit failure but celebrate success, go fast, love to learn, always find solutions, never give up and, most of all, love to work together because it’s fun!

We’re business intelligence professionals, marketers, software engineers

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