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Rescooped by Henrik Safegaard - Cloneartist from Video Breakthroughs!

FFmpeg 2.2: Live HDS muxer, libx265 encoder & more

FFmpeg 2.2: Live HDS muxer, libx265 encoder & more | Machinimania |

New major release:

- Live HDS muxer

- string validation in ffprobe

- support for decoding through VDPAU in ffmpeg (the -hwaccel option)

- stereoscopic 3d metadata handling

- WebP encoding via libwebp

- ATRAC3+ decoder

- OpenGL device

- Support DNx444

- libx265 encoder


Via Nicolas Weil
Henrik Safegaard - Cloneartist's insight:

FFmpeg is a complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video. It includes libavcodec - the leading audio/video codec library.

Philippe J DEWOST's curator insight, March 29, 2014 5:13 AM

Would be curious to see how the libx265 encoder sports compared to NGcodec

Rescooped by Henrik Safegaard - Cloneartist from Online Video Publishing!

The Open-Source Cross-Platform Video Editor: Shotcut

The Open-Source Cross-Platform Video Editor: Shotcut | Machinimania |

Via Robin Good
Henrik Safegaard - Cloneartist's insight:

To install, simply extract the archive and run it. You can drag the Shotcut folder (app icon for OS X) to copy and move it wherever you want.

173 Sud's curator insight, May 7, 2013 11:12 AM


MakeUseOf :: Adobe Premiere. Final Cut Pro. Sony Vegas. AVID. All of these are high-end video editors that all have one attribute in common: they cost money. In an ideal world, there would be an equally high-end freeware video editing system out there. Unfortunately, most of the “editors” that do make these claims are embarrassingly poor and of little to no use.


However,  Shotcut may be a shining star in the world of free video editors. It’s an open-source, cross-platform editing system that is incredibly intricate, and it’s loaded with an arsenal of features so hot that they will melt your face off. More appropriately, Shotcut is a freeware video toolkit that is actually useful and won’t hold you back.


Shotcut offers basic cutting and trimming capabilities along with a zillion different codecs available for export. For the record, these are professional-level file formats, and you could even use Shotcut as a higher-end file converter from time to time, if needed. Also included is the ability to perform basic color correction with a three-wheel user interface, an eyedropper tool for post-production white balancing, and a few filters to choose from.


On the input side of things, Shotcut can receive footage via SDI, HDMI, and more. Timecode is supported, and the app will typically allow for native editing. Simply put, Shotcut is a fantastic piece of software to keep in your editing suite. I wouldn’t recommend it as your go-to editor, but it definitely has a place in the video production world.

Gayla Keesee's curator insight, June 30, 2013 12:03 PM

free and cross-platform

Anna Morgan's curator insight, July 1, 2013 11:56 AM

Might have to give this a just see how it works

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