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>>Home-built "Bio Computer" runs Linux, grows wheatgrass:
PC case modder and hardware hacker Mike Schropp's latest project, the 'Bio Computer' sees a working PC put to use as a garden in which to grow wheatgrass.



>>Dwarf plants could reduce demands for water, fertilizer, nutrients and pesticides:
Aside from arable land, most farm crops require significant amounts of water, fertilizer, nutrients and pesticides to grow. While specialized breeding is often used to help produce plants that require less of these inputs, Purdue University researcher Burkhard Schulz has found a way to create tiny versions of plants that suffer no reduction in yield through the addition of a cheap and widely available chemical.



>>Maintaining genetic diversity in food supply

Could we be missing the point? Natural and wild may not mean the same in the future. Struggling to keep this stuff alive in a polluted and warming environment, increasingly encroached upon by human beings is a losing battle. But cultivating, preserving, building environments (semi-indoor) can save the plant and animal species that we struggle to maintain.