Music video by Sean Kingston featuring Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa performing Beat It. (C) 2013 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment


Man I'm getting tired of these average ass songs made by tricks talikng about how they bear it (here's a clue, the guy whose usually beating it usually don't have to pay.  just a thought).  But back to the point

I like Sean Kingston but this song is just another average attempt to tread water with his fans.  The guy that's on Macklemore and Lewis' "Can't Hold Us" is stealing your lane dogg (in my Randy Jackson voice).  Sean do something different and exciting dude.  This song wound up being an SME executive bullshit party.  The money at Sony eventually is going to have to come in and make these guys do their job (and if you think that licensing infringement Nazi blocking group who's blocking fanmade videos on YouTube is making you any friend in these streets.  then ya'll are some real clowns. The videos are fanmade, meaning the fans made them you goofballs).  As I've said over and again.  No one in licensing has ever posted a poster on a pole or drooped cd's in the streets.  They are just overcompensated interns who have no street experience.  You label need to get a better system with YouTube.  Here's the stats.


*The Track- 3($$$) average


*The performance- 3($$$)


*Muscle- 2($$)  We'll see


* Juice- 2($$) radio might give this some play


*Timing- 1($) nothing special


*The Song 2($$)


review stats total 13 points out of 30 (okay...)


*Streets- 1($)


*Clubs- 2($$) maybe


*Radio- 3($$$) maybe


*Retail- 2($$) I'm being liberal..


Market review 8 ponts out of 20 (needs work)


*Teen Males(12-17)-0() this is not their song


*Teen Females(12-17)-1($)


*Young Males(18-24)-1($)


*Young Females(18-24)- 2($$) maybe because of Chris Brown


Demo Points- 4 points out of 20 (not good)


hope radio can bring this home #GetAtMe

13 points (review) 8(market) 4(demo)

25 points out of 70 total points