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Is Content Curation Just Reinventing the Wheel?

Is Content Curation Just Reinventing the Wheel? | Curation Revolution |

This question has been asked several times already but I like the way Viqi French covers it. In particular how she compares it both to an art form (think DJ's or Museums - interestingly her post is illustrated by a Basquiat painting) and to publishing a newspaper or a magazine. Obviously that last one is dear to our heart at


The other aspect I like are the best practices at the end of the article - a curation "101" if you want.


One of the things we’ve been trying to do at is to give a measure to guide your curation effort. This is how we recently introduced the score that measure how well you perform on this best practices (we have more or less these criteria than the one she lists).


We’re just at the beginning of this but we’re the first curation platform to ever do that to my knowledge.

Via Guillaume Decugis
lelapin's comment, October 1, 2011 12:02 AM
there is a frustrating point to this though: one may have several interests in life and several topics to cover them all is cumbersome and time consuming. I chose the option of maintaining only one topic where I put anything and everything that is of interest for me.
Therefore I'll never score high in your system.
Guillaume Decugis's comment, October 2, 2011 10:33 PM
Well you seem to have 73 which isn't bad at all ;-)

One thing we noticed ever since we started and that we don't want to change: a topic is one thing to someone and another to somebody else. Some have very narrow definition, some much wider.

But what we want to emphasize and encourage is how much context is given through the editing work by the curator. As well as the depth and the freshness of the topic. Among the key criteria.

Hence, you scoring quite high ;-)
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Beating Amazon with Emotional Intelligence - Curagami

Beating Amazon with Emotional Intelligence - Curagami | Curation Revolution |

Beating Amazon with Emotions
This Curagami post answers our most frequent question - how can the little guy compete with the Big A? We share 4 marketing tips to beat Amazon with emotions including:

* Be Human

* Be Vulnerable and Tell Stories

* Conversations not Lectures

* Money is not the Objection


Add your tips on how to beat the Big A here: