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Power Up Your Content with Influencer Marketing


The basic concept of influencer marketing is to target people who have some degree of influence over the public's buying decisions.

A successful influencer campaign starts with seeking out relevant influencers.

In terms of content marketing, these are people who weld the same power through various online platforms ranging from blogs to online review sites.

Ally Greer:

Identifying and activating influencers in your space is super important for a successful marketing campaign. We've been testing out tools like Traackr as well to find the different influencers in our space. 

Influencers are people who not only have large followings, but actually are able to have an impact on that following and influence their behaviors. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! Leveraging existing influencers in your field is much easier than trying to become one from day one. That said, though, building relationships with these influencers will help you gain a similar status in your community. 

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News from Facebook f8 Conference

The Facebook Developers Conference is taking place today in San Francisco. Here's some of the news coming out of it

Ally Greer:

Anonymous login for third party apps: users can now log into an app via Facebook without actually giving away their information if they just want to check it out. Then, once they do create an account via Facebook, they have more specific choices concerning the information they share with the app.

Facebook Audience Network: allows Facebook advertisers take their ads beyond the Facebook platform and display them within other mobile apps with similar targeting and analytics.

A shift in focus from consumer to software developer tools.

Denis Dee's comment, May 1, 2014 10:45 AM
Surprising move in the facebook community.

6 Facts About Content Curation and SEO You May Not Know


If you struggle with providing a steady stream of fresh, relevant content for your website, you’re not alone. Perhaps one of the best ways to overcome this challenge, while also increasing the value you provide to your audience, is through the process of editorialized content curation.

But while we know that this process (when done right) is beneficial in terms of driving traffic, extending reach and providing interesting and valuable content, what does Google think about content curation? 

Ally Greer:

The question about how Google views content curation is one that's often debated - and often very passionately.

SEO and curation expert Jayson DeMers has a few solid facts to back up the argument that curation - when done right - can only help SEO.

Did you know that curated content, when combined with original content (like insight) ca rank just as well as original content alone? If not - or even if you did - read this post to find out more.

7 things you should know to create a more engaging Facebook Page


If you're after a more engaging Facebook page, these 7 stats might change the way you approach it.
Ally Greer:

While most of these stats aren't exactly new, it's always good to be reminded of what works and what doesn't - especially when you're trying to up the engagement on your Facebook page.

For me, I'm consistently trying to increase engagement so that I have a higher reach which ultimately will lead to higher brand awareness and hopefully conversions into users/paying customers.

One thing I learned from this post that I didn't know before is that use of the words "should and would" garners more responses than "why and how." I think it's because the reader is given the opportunity to give valuable advice, rather than just asking a question. I will definitely be using this technique.

What's your number one technique for increasing Facebook engagement?

Barlay Industries, Andrew Barlay's curator insight, March 19, 2014 12:07 PM

Sometimes, I feel that facebookers are not so inclined to engage topics that actually make a point or have a meety content...

senameintr's curator insight, July 1, 2015 2:04 AM

Try out creating different variety of content such as links, visuals, discussion etc to engage with your fans.

The Year of the Social SMB [Infographic]


Social Media - What are the social media plans of small to midsize businesses (SMBs) this year? Find out in the following LinkedIn infographic.
Ally Greer:

According to a recent study conducted by LinkedIn, SMBs are "driving the economy" (creating jobs and making money) and "getting social."

Some interesting stats from the infographic:

61% of small businesses find that social media solves the problem of finding new customers

89% say that social media is effective for content marketing

Nine0Media's curator insight, March 6, 2014 9:16 PM

#DIYSEO #Nine0Media #SocialMediaTools

7 types of online influencers and who to target based on your goals


Ahh, Influencers. A key component to your social media and inbound marketing success. Not only do we need them to propel our marketing efforts to the next level, but they also play a large part of your relationship marketing strategy.  An Influencer campaign should be a part of your social media engagement strategy.
Ally Greer:

Many different types of online "influencers" exist, as outlined in this post by @Stephanie Frasco. While this article was posted almost a year ago, the principles still stand true.

An interesting exercise could be to either (a) consider what type of influencer you are (I'm a social butterfly!) or (b) consider what types of influencers you should be targeting to help achieve your business goals through a social engagement strategy.

Here are some of my best tips on what your business goals can tell you about the types of influencers you should target:

Goal: Host events, parties, networking functions to spread brand awareness

Influencers to target: Social Butterflies. Chances are, they know people in almost any major city you'd want to host an event in, and are likely to have large networks of people who will show up. You can take it from there!

Goal: Launch a new technology

Influencers to target: Early Adopters. They spend all of their days on Kickstarter and TechCrunch trying to figure out what the next gadget, site, or invention is going to be and how soon they can get it. If you let them in on your next big idea, they're the ones who will be the most psyched about trying it out and sharing how great it is with the world.

Goal: Validate your value prop/need for your offering.

Influencers to target: Experts/Gurus. These are the ones who people turn to for advice on certain things. If you're trying to convince the market that your product is necessary for social media, then you're going to want a social media expert to agree with you.

Goal: Get popular.

Influencers to target: Celebrities. Everyone loves pop culture. It's human to admire celebrities, and they're the ones that become influencers without even trying. Think about the fanbases of people like Beiber and Lady GaGa. Whatever they say, their fans do. Like Stephanie points out, this could get pricey, but if you've got the money, will result in massive publicity.

Goal: Spend less time & money on word of mouth marketing and online content.

Influencers to target: Content Creators. These are the ones who are constantly writing, blogging, etc. They love spreading the word about things they like, and also make great guest bloggers (hello, #leancontent!)

Goal: Promote your content

Influencers to target: Broadcasters. If your content leads to business leads, you're going to want it to promote it as much as possible. Broadcasters might not always be the ones using your product/service or even maintaining relationships with your brand, but they are the ones who are sharing as much content as they possibly can, and usually have lots and lots of followers. (Sometimes, though, like Stephanie says, they over-share and get lost in the noise. Extra tweets can never hurt, though!)

Goal: Engage your existing audiences and create new influencers & ambassadors

Influencers to target: Your customers! Your customers might not be influencers yet, but they're the ones who will require the least amount of effort to connect with. Once you communicate with them enough, they'll become the next generation of brand ambassadors, and eventually, influencers of your own!

How Google Plus Pages Can Boost Your Business


Just recently, announced that curators will be able to connect their personal profiles for the purpose of Google Authorship, and at the same time, can now connect a Google+ Business Page for sharing curated content. This is really exciting news, as busy business owners and social media managers can now use to curate and share great content to all of their branded social media profiles - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and now Google+.

Ally Greer:

In case you weren't sure why you needed to be using Google Plus pages (and you should!), here's a great list of some of the business benefits put together by @Mike Allton.

Some benefits of using Google Plus Pages include 

An increased brand presence

Personalized search results

Ability to host live Hangouts with your community

Ability to target messaging via circles

Worth noting, also, is that you can now post directly to Google Plus pages with!

ConsejeriaValledupar1's curator insight, March 1, 2014 2:13 PM

Esta es su consejeria académica en Valledupar-UNAD

Nine0Media's curator insight, March 4, 2014 4:26 PM

Make sure to add your Google+ button to your Blog Posts #DIYSEO #Nine0Media 

Toni Ferraté's curator insight, March 9, 2014 6:17 AM

Hay que experiementar con Google Plus en un momento en que todos somos aprendices y no hay gurús.

The Dos and Don'ts of Modern SEO - eZanga Articles - eZanga


Ally Greer's curator insight, February 25, 2014 3:27 PM

Here's a useful infographic on SEO best and worst practices created by Vertical Response and shared by eZanga.

What would you add?

APIntd's curator insight, March 10, 2014 4:43 PM

pour l'instant

Does Website Speed Affect Your Ranking? (infographic)


Have you ever been to a slow site and it felt like it took hours to load? You look down at your computer clock and really only 30 seconds have gone by. That's just the user experience on a slow site- the real question is “Does your website speed effect your ranking?”
Will your slightly slower site be penalized by Google and other search engines when you clients are even looking for you?
In this easy to understand graphic, we see that 1 second makes all the difference in the world. And after just 6 short weeks of poor load times, your site can lose 75% of it’s traffic to that page.
If you have a low ranking you might want to follow some of the Google Guidelines to pre-load your most popular pages to increase your site’s overall performance.
Ally Greer:

Great point: if search engines yield results leading to slow sites, people will be discouraged from trusting said search engines.

As a consequence, sites with slower load times are less likely to appear in search results. If you're not sure how your load time measures up, or how to fix it if it doesn't, check out some of the tools listed in this Kissmetrics blogpost.

Mr Tozzo's curator insight, March 4, 2014 8:12 AM

Does Website Speed Affect Your Ranking? (infographic)

Carlos Polaino Jiménez's curator insight, March 8, 2014 6:12 AM

SEO SEO, al final todo es KPI's y posicionamiento. 

outofseo's curator insight, April 4, 2014 5:27 AM

Website speed affects ranking and conversions. Pages load time is an important issue to be fixed if load time is over 3 sec.


The Social Side Of Super Bowl Ads


Ally Greer:

Of course, the Super Bowl is a unique event in terms of advertising, but I'm sure that some of these concepts can be applied to traditional advertising at other times of year as well.

Interesting stats include:

-56% of viewers will be posting on FB about the Super Bowl during the game.

-38% of viewers look up Super Bowl ads before the game, mostly because they're interested in the brands or because the brands announced their ads in advance.

-73% of viewers are more likely to follow the brands from the advertisements they see during the game rather than the teams themselves on social media. (Could this be applicable to TV shows in general?)

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10 Awesome Infographics to Guide your Marketing Plan for 2014


Infographics seem to be getting more and more popular lately. They’re certainly fun to look at, and they convey useful information in a format that’s fast and easy to digest.
Ally Greer:

Infographics are just the best! So much data to use in here.

Krysta Gahagen's curator insight, January 29, 2014 2:15 AM

With 65% of your audience being visual learners, an infographic is a great way to capture attention and relay information. Many startup/small business community managers are also responsible for content generation and work closely with (or are) the marketing team, so information about trends in marketing can help community managers tailor strategies across platforms smarter!

20 Marketing Statistics That Will Drive 2014


Ally Greer:

Key stats:

- Emails with social sharing buttons increase click through rates by 158%

- 67% of B2B content marketers consider event marketing the most effective strategy

- Videos on landing pages increase conversions by 86%

- B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads than those who don't

- Visual data is processed 60K times faster by the brain than text

Lori Wilk's curator insight, January 28, 2014 3:04 PM

Who could ignore $135billion spending on new digital marketing collateral? 

Social Marketing & The Trust Revolution: Using social data to improve customer experience and knowing when to stop


The social marketing imperative and the trust revolution
The Guardian
One of Rangaswami's themes is the impact of the social login. "I go to concerts regularly and I was one of the earliest account holders at Ticketmaster.
Ally Greer:

Coordinating social logins and using information from other social networks can help you further understand your customers. However, there's an important line between using this information to help your customers have a better experience and breaching their privacy.

As a user, I'm always open to connecting with Facebook or Twitter to help make my experiences easier, similar to the Ticketmaster example in this post.

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Every Number Can Tell a Story: The Art and Business of Data Visualization


Statisticians look for clarity in numbers. Artists understand how color and shape appeal to, and influence, people. Marketing professionals can combine the clarity of numbers with the appeal of graphics, using data visualization (DV) tools.
Ally Greer:

Tips to making a great infographic:

Figure out what data you want, collect the data, organize it into a story, lay it out visually, enhance the appearance to make it intriguing, throw in some personality to make it shareable.

Additional tips-

Include easily extractable, shareable tidbits of data

Divide the infographic into sections to allow for reuse and sharing

Choose colors strategically 

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Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2014) - Chief Marketing Technologist


The short version: the above graphic is the latest incarnation of my marketing technology landscape supergraphic (click for a high-resolution 2600×1950 version, 4.7MB).
Ally Greer:

Now that's a lot of marketing technology. Like @CYDigital/, hopefully will have the time to dig deeper into this over the next few days, and looking forward to finding some awesome new tools and tech.

Farid Mheir's curator insight, January 7, 2014 9:12 AM

No wonder CMOs and CIOs are fighting over the same turf and soon CMOs will outspend CIOs in their field...

Also see

  • Gartner Says Worldwide IT Spending to Reach $3.8 Trillion in 2013- not including what CMOs spend on tech
  • Five Years From Now, CMOs Will Spend More on IT Than CIOs Do via @forbes @gartner
Abraham Geifman's curator insight, January 7, 2014 12:53 PM

Les comparto el mapa "acualizadísimo" del Marketing Digital para este 2014. Recomiendo revisarlo pues genera varias ideas de servicios digitales que podemos utilizar.

Jean-Marie Grange's curator insight, January 8, 2014 10:23 AM

All the actors and providers of new marketing technology

Editorialized content curation = SEO gold.


One of the effects of the rise of popularity in content marketing has been a surge in content curation; the practice of aggregating similar content into one place in an attempt to create new value.

Ally Greer:

The lesson: curation is an excellent strategy to increase SEO rankings given that it's done right - aggregation can seem useful in providing lots of content, but it's ultimately a non-value-adding collection of content that means nothing to search engines and even less to readers. When quality content is hand-selected, editorialized, and given value, curation wins audiences and search engines alike.

Ally Greer's curator insight, January 7, 2014 4:44 PM

In an experiment conducted by PublishThis, content marketers found that content curated with auto-generated summaries (no original content) dropped in SEO rankings, while content curated along with a 200-word editorial by the curator rose to the second position in rankings.

The lesson: curation is an excellent strategy to increase SEO rankings given that it's done right - aggregation can seem useful in providing lots of content, but it's ultimately a non-value-adding collection of content that means nothing to search engines and even less to readers. When quality content is hand-selected, editorialized, and given value, curation wins audiences and search engines alike.

Witmer Group's curator insight, January 7, 2014 8:10 PM

Excellent article!  

Sylvain Richard's curator insight, January 8, 2014 9:00 AM

Content curation: a strategy to increase SEO rankings 

Future of SEO in a Social Content World


SEO is beyond keywords and links. Here are future trends for the role of SEO that focuses on a customer centric, integrated marketing approach. By Lee Odden.

9Dotstrategies's curator insight, November 19, 2013 12:37 AM

The Future of SEO in a Social Content World...

Mohammed ALAMI's curator insight, January 10, 2014 9:17 AM

Even Content for marketing should be SEOed

Neil Ferree's curator insight, January 10, 2014 10:16 AM

Links & Words Matter (but) Social Shares is the New SEO

"The Mindy Project" Is Advertising on Tinder with Fake Profiles


The last time we asked Tinder about its apparent brand-synergy-third-base-score with FOX, it clammed up.
Ally Greer:

Proof: When someone creates a social network - any social network - marketers will figure out a way to advertise on it.

Kelly Moeahu's curator insight, March 21, 2014 9:43 AM

Interesting article about the use (or misuse) of dating app Tinder by "The Mindy Project" as a way to promote the show through fake profiles of it's characters.  Marketing synergy or marketing suicide?

Kelly Moeahu's curator insight, March 21, 2014 9:48 AM

Interesting article about the use (or misuse) of dating app Tinder by "The Mindy Project" as a way to promote the show through fake profiles of it's characters.  Marketing synergy or marketing suicide?

6 Proven Tactics To Make Your Email Marketing More Effective


Email marketing is an art. It takes strategy, skill and focus. From subject lines to segmenting, here are proven tips to become an email marketing master.
Ally Greer:

Email is an increasing part of my digital marketing these days, too! Great to learn any tips and tricks to make it more useful. Thanks @Christina Guenther!

Christina Guenther's curator insight, December 19, 2013 4:47 PM

Perfect timing as i'm working on a new email marketing strategy!

Twitter Announces New Ad Retargeting Options, AKA Tailored Audiences


Ally Greer:

Retargeting, the future of social advertising (in my humble opinion), is the use of browsing history to target users with advertisements.

Twitter is finally joining the crew and allowing marketers to submit their cookie data through an advertising program - likely one that they're already using for Facebook - to retarget users with their ads.

This is big for Twitter following their IPO which left something to be desired, especially with their lack of revenue.

The Social Advertising Cheat Sheet Every Marketer Needs Comparing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn


Ally Greer:

Here's a great chart that explains the different types of advertising posts you can create on each social network and what value each one can bring to you.

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Infographic: How Much Is Twitter Worth (to small and mid-size businesses)?


Ally Greer:

The perceived values (of SMBs) of Facebook and LinkedIn are directly correlated with the respective market caps of the platforms. If the case is to be the same for Twitter, the IPO valuation could be about 4 times too low.

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Keeping Up with Google's Insane Pace of Change


Rand Fishkin's presentation on how marketers can scale with the updates and shifts Google makes on a regular basis, and how to be successful with SEO in 2013.
Guillaume Decugis's curator insight, October 30, 2013 7:44 PM

SEO used to be tactical; it became strategic.

As Moz Rand Fishkin advises in this awesome slideshare, you're probably better off with content marketers understanding SEO's than SEO practitioneers stuck 5 years ago on tactical tricks such as massive backlinking. 

So what can you do in such a context? Fishkin gives 3 strategic advice and 3 tactical ones which are worth looking at.

But he also makes an observation that I'd like to elaborate on: the bar has raised for content quality. While good content used to get good traffic, you now need awesome content to raise above the noise. For content marketers, this means that producing all of that great awesome content is very unlikely. Using strategies like content curation, recruiting guest writers for your blog and other #leancontent best practices becomes a must.

Careful Curation and SEO


Content curation makes some marketers sweat because of the old duplicate content rule. Here's what Matt Cutts, Google's head of webspam, has to say on the subject.
Ally Greer:

From the article:

Don’t let aggregation give curation a bad name, though. Cutts points out that it’s a different story if your curated content is “content that nobody else has access to, or if you’re writing your own content, or if you’re really putting a lot of effort into curation.”

ValStilwell's curator insight, October 28, 2013 11:07 PM

Curation can be presented as a digital magazine chocked full of thoughtfully selected  articles. And just like a magazine, the biases will lie with the curator and those attracted to the same material.