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How Smart Clothing Is Shaping The Health And Fitness Future

From www.womenshealth.com.au

The global market for smart clothing is set to be worth around this much by 2026. We explore how smart clothing, where apparel meets tech, is shaping the health and fitness future.
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Report: Wearables market sees first ever decline in Q1

From www.mobihealthnews.com

Shipments of wearables declined 3% year-over-year, according to a report by the International Data Corporation.
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Move-to-Earn : votre activité physique récompensée en cryptomonnaies

From cryptoast.fr

Les applications blockchain de Move-to-Earn (M2E) associent des éléments issus des jeux vidéo et des applications de fitness
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E santé : les objets connectés, on fait la balance entre le pour et le contre

From www.lindependant.fr

On parle beaucoup des objets connectés, dans le domaine du bien-être mais aussi de la santé. Pour l’e-médecine, ou santé 2.0 - un marché en très grande forme - ces innovations peuvent être de précieux alliés
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Que penser des "health wearables", ces objets connectés censés améliorer notre bien-être au travail?

From www.lecho.be

L’usage de technologies portables peut améliorer le bien-être des travailleurs, mais les employeurs qui suivent aveuglément la tendance risquent l’effet inverse.
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Wearables, la santé en temps réel

From www.lenouveleconomiste.fr

Montres connectées et autres trackers, ils apportent des solutions aux problèmes que la médecine traditionnelle ne parvient pas à résoudre
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Made to measure: why we can’t stop quantifying our lives | Science | The Guardian

From www.theguardian.com

The long read: From ancient Egyptian cubits to fitness tracker apps, humankind has long been seeking ever more ways to measure the world – and ourselves. But what is this doing to us?
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Metriport - Tracker & Lifelog

From metriport.ai

Metriport is your personal data companion. Track metrics, make correlations and gain personalized insights into your health, fitness, and more.
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Google and Samsung join forces to make it easier to sync fitness data between apps

From www.theverge.com

Google has partnered with Samsung on Health Connect, an API and platform that makes it easier for developers to share users’ data across different apps and devices.

Lire l'article complet sur : www.theverge.com

Richard Platt's curator insight, May 24, 2:22 PM

Google has partnered with Samsung on Health Connect, an API and platform that makes it easier for developers to share users’ data across different apps and devices.

Gary Wolf: The quantified self ⋅

From www.track-well.com

At TED@Cannes, Gary Wolf gives a 5-min intro to an intriguing new pastime: using mobile apps and always-on gadgets to track and analyze your body, mood, diet, spending -- just about everything in daily life you can measure -- in gloriously geeky detail.
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Google to release smartwatch this fall

From www.beckershospitalreview.com

Google plans to release its first smartwatch this fall.
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Présentation : le défibrillateur connecté Patriot

From www.santelog.com

  Véritable révolution dans la réanimation des victimes d'attaques cardiaques, le défibrillateur connecté Patriot se distingue par la qualité et la spécificité de sa conception et de sa connexion. Un dispositif médical remarquable et intelligent qui repose sur une utilisation inédite du réseau Sigfox.  
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How wearables and health apps can help diagnose and treat diseases

From www.economist.com

Our podcast on science and technology. This week, we explore the quantified-self movement—and the way in which fitness trackers and smartwatches could revolutionise health care | Podcasts
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Compact Wearable “Lab on the Skin” Continuously Monitors Glucose, Alcohol, and Lactate

From scitechdaily.com

Imagine being able to measure your blood sugar levels, know if you’ve had too much alcohol to drink, and track your muscle fatigue during a workout, all in one small device worn on your skin. Engineers at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) have developed a prototype of such a wearable tha
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The quantified self | May 7th 2022

From www.economist.com

The quantified self. Technology Quarterly from The Economist. You've seen the news, now discover the story.
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Wearable technology promises to revolutionise health care

From www.economist.com

Do not let bureaucracy delay matters | Leaders
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Mayo Clinic AI uses Apple Watches to catch silent heart disease

From www.fiercebiotech.com

Using simplified ECG data taken from an Apple Watch, researchers at the Mayo Clinic were able to use an artificial intelligence algorithm to spot people whose hearts may be having trouble pumping blood out to the rest of the body.

The condition—known as low ejection fraction, where a smaller percentage of blood is pushed out of the heart with each beat—is linked with worsening heart failure and can go undetected with no signs or symptoms or be associated with shortness of breath or blood pooling in the legs.

"Left ventricular dysfunction—a weak heart pump—afflicts 2% to 3% of people globally and up to 9% of people over age 60,” said Paul Friedman, M.D., chair of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.
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PKvitality lance une collecte participative pour sa montre connectée qui surveille la glycémie

From www.usine-digitale.fr

PKvitality développe une montre connectée disposant d'un patch innovant capable de surveiller le taux de glycémie en temps réel. Elle vient de lancer une campagne de financement participatif pour accélérer ses essais cliniques sur l'Homme afin d'obtenir une autorisation de mise sur le marché. Une série B est également en préparation. 
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Apps interpreting data from wearable devices are helping people to live better

From www.economist.com

But too many of the apps are poorly designed | Technology Quarterly
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Three Ways Business Leaders Can Approach Stress Management

From www.forbes.com

Stepping back for a reality check is essential when managing business and when managing our own stress. 
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eSanté : après les capteurs et les montres, déjà les bagues connectées

From www.doctissimo.fr

Déjà un million d'utilisateurs se sont offert une bague connectée de la société Oura. Le français Circular va aussi commercialiser son premier modèle.
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