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Do You Think a BAN of Single-use Plastics Imposed Upon Local #NewtownPA Township Businesses is a Good Idea?

Do You Think a BAN of Single-use Plastics Imposed Upon Local #NewtownPA Township Businesses is a Good Idea? | Newtown News of Interest |

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This is especially hard for our senior community. Also, educate yourselves on the flip side of this over reaching effort.
I agree with the ban but I am not crazy about people bringing in their own (and I have seen filthy) dirty bags from home that are stored in the trunk, under the car seat, etc. and putting them on the belt or area where others load their food. Really, who knows where they have been or what else thay have been used for? The Biz should supply paper bags and fold the cost into their pricing.
To ban them is best because as long as things are handed out for free people will continue to take them. Not everyone is like me and will do it because I want to.
Against any/all virtue signaling legislation that promises to make a difference, but in actuality does not significantly change anything in the environment. Local politicians were not elected for this; help fix our roads and lower our taxes please.
Reusable bags are unsanitary when used for groceries. If I’m going to wash them, I am going to wash them in a new, separate laundry load, not with clothing or bed sheets. So that’s additional detergent, water and electric use. We do reuse the current plastic bags for trash and pet waste disposal. If we don’t have them to reuse, then we will have to purchase Hefty or Glad bags for those uses, which are typically a heavy gauge, more environmentally unfriendly plastic.
Another good reason to shop outside of Newtown.
Yes, absolutely. We have to take big steps if we are going to reduce the waste that is rampant in our country. I live in LMT and i would hope that, if Newtown does this, then we wont be far behind.
Virtue signaling at its core.
Stop dictating and let people decide if they want a bag/straw/whatever. Government has become too controlling.
Not only do plastics take a long time to break but some break down into toxic chemicals they originated from. In addition, oil based plastic polymers account for about 1/3 of all the oil pumped out of the ground. Experience from a retired biochemist.
Government has become too controlling.
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