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Wawa Expands Beer Sales in Bucks County

Wawa Expands Beer Sales in Bucks County | Newtown News of Interest |

Wawa’s beer offering continues to expand in Bucks County, as the company’s presence in the liquor market in Pennsylvania continues to grow.


Wawa began selling beer in 2019, and is slowly expanding its locations with liquor licenses.


Beer is currently available at Wawa at 600 N. West End Boulevard in Richland. The Wawa store, which opens this summer at 639 E Lincoln Highway in Middletown and Bristol-Oxford Valley Road in Bristol Township, has safe keeping licenses, and will open alongside beer sales.


According to data from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, approval for a license is pending at Wawa 3659 N Easton Road in Doylestown.


Wawa’s licenses are in the “restaurant (liquor)” category, and an establishment must have a seating area in its store to sell these products, something that existing Wawa stores must enforce. [See Insights below.]


Wawa CEO Chris Gessens told the Philadelphia Business Journal 10 new beer-selling Wawa stores are planned for Pennsylvania in 2022.


Sean Kelly, press secretary for the PA Liquor Control Board, said that since Act 39 of 2016 came into law, “we’ve seen an increase in the number of grocery stores and convenience stores that have thought about obtaining a liquor license.”


Act 39 replaced more than 35 sections of the state’s liquor code and allowed supermarkets, restaurants and hotels to sell alcohol and malt/beverage beverages.


Will beer be sold at the Newtown Wawa if that project is approved by the BOS? See insights below...


johnmacknewtown's insight:


According to the JMZO E-30 ordinance, which allows combination convenience stores and gas stations in the Jointure, “The following accessory uses and the sale of the following items shall not be permitted: Indoor seating…” Consequently, the planned Wawa on Newtown Bypass – if approved by the NT BOS – will NOT be able to sell beer. However, it is not inconceivable that once the planned store is approved, Wawa can come back to the township and ask for a “variance” to allow it to add indoor seating.


Even if it were to obtain that variance, the BOS would still need to approve any liquor license transfer from an out-of-town business as was the case with the Blue Point Grill application; see 


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