Resident Petition to Limit Large Truck Traffic on Stoopville Road | Newtown News of Interest |

Are you concerned about the large truck traffic on Stoopville Road. Did you know that several dangerous accidents have occurred on Stoopville Rd within the past few months, resulting in temporary closure of the road? Did you know that PennDot redesigned Stoopville Road several years ago narrowing it in efforts to reduce the high volume of traffic?

PennDot’s Traffic Reduction Initiatives not only failed, but it resulted in creating a state roadway that is significantly limited in handling the high volume of large truck traffic. This is extremely unsafe! The weight and size of these large trucks had caused tremendous erosion of this roadway’s surfacing, especially along narrow shoulder.

I implore you to stand as a community of residents to support the limitation of large truck traffic on Stoopville Road. Contact the township manager, Micah Lewis, PennDot representative, Don Centofante, and state representative Perry Warren.


Find and sign the petition here: