“I don’t know how we’ll survive”: Small Businesses Face Hard Road Ahead. What Can Local Government Do To Help? | Newtown News of Interest | Scoop.it

Small businesses are fighting for their survival; while some had to close their doors for good. Business owners are grappling with soaring expenses and prolonged uncertainties, and some are finding relief in heartwarming ways.


While Small Business Administration loans through the federal stimulus package may throw some small businesses a much-needed lifeline, until the money starts flowing, owners face a number of tough decisions. Many have ongoing expenses, little or no revenue at all and face the possibility that they may never reopen.



Some comments from respondents to John Mack’s COVID-19 Business Impact Survey, which asked “What is your most pressing need right now? How can local government help?”:


  • “Not sure if I qualify for any assistance as I don't have a payroll.”
  • “I cannot apply for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) because my independent local bank is not offering it. All other local banks are only offering this service to their current customers.”
  • “I was open for three weeks and was forced to close. Not sure I can rebound after this.”
  • “In order to reopen and remain open, any tax brakes that Newtown Twp can provide its residents, would be direly important.”


Here's a summary of responses from Newtown Township business owners: https://bit.ly/COVIDbusSurveyResults


TAKE THE SURVEY HERE: https://bit.ly/3aSxWI2



While many businesses have shifted to online sales, curbside deliveries and other safe social distancing sales practices, Boster said some struggle with digital marketing efforts to let the public know they are still open in some way for business.


Many businesses, unable to generate sales from a brick-and-mortar locations, count on consumers finding them online.


Some locals are stepping in to help. In Doylestown, New Hope, Yardley and other communities, volunteers in the community have created guides for takeout eating options, farmer’s markets and other retail business openings.



The Patch maintains a useful listing of local Newtown Area businesses that are currently open, open under special conditions, or closed. Included are phone numbers, notes about hours of operation, pickup or delivery options, and suggestions for how to help the business. Find the list here: https://bit.ly/PatchOpenClosedList