Who Makes the Best Pizza in the Newtown Area? | Newtown News of Interest | Scoop.it

Like hoagies, pizza is really BIG in Newtown! There are many pizzerias in Newtown and soon to be more (read "MOD Pizza to be Opening In Newtown").


But which one makes the best pizza?


To answer that question, I started a poll on Nextdoor, which included the 10 pizzerias most mentioned by pizza afficionados:


  1. Acqua e Farina
  2. Dolce Carini Pizzeria
  3. Dominick's Pizzeria
  4. Francesco's Pizzeria
  5. Jules Thin Crust Pizza
  6. Marco's Pizzeria
  7. Meglio Pizzeria
  8. Newtown Pizza
  9. Tre Fratelli
  10. Vince's Pizzeria


The chart above shows the results as of today (August 9, 2019).