Owner of Eagle Shows & Promoter of the Newtown Gun Show, Sells “Ghost Gun” Kits Requiring No Serial Numbers or Background Checks | Newtown News of Interest | Scoop.it

Battle lines drawn in Newtown


Elen Snyder, in a fit of candor, admitted that it is a mere technicality that has given Newtown Township a chance to oppose a gun show at Jim Worthington’s Sports Training Center in March. But that technicality – a zoning law [read — did not inform the virulent emails that were sent to her in her position as a township supervisor. There were harsh, even hysterical, words about guns and Jim Worthington.


The new owner of the gun show, Jordan Vinroe, answered those Facebook comments, assuring people that his shows were wholesome family events, and that lots of policemen and law enforcement people would be there. To buy guns. He said the proper paperwork and background checks would be made.


Ghost Guns


[Vinroe] did not mention that he bought Eagle Shows only a month earlier, so bragging about his shows was a little premature. Further, he did not disclose that his other business is JSD Supplies, which sells 80 percent kits [aka "Ghost Guns"].


Those are “hobbyist” gun kits, including for AR-15 assault rifles, which can be ordered online and constructed at home. As JD Supplies website says, “…you’ll have a fully functional firearm without the hurdles of a background check or government fees. Your personally built weapon also won’t require a serial number (in most states), making it the perfect solution when privacy is a priority.” The kits are made of a kind of plastic that can pass through metal detectors.