PA Announces Ban On Bradford Pear Trees - An Invasive, Destructive Species | Newtown News of Interest |

Pennsylvania has announced a ban on another invasive species of vegetation that is devastating to native ecosystems: the Callery pear.


Commonly known as Bradford pear, the fruit tree has been added to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture's list of noxious weeds, which means it cannot be sold or cultivated in the state.


Officials said it's the latest in a long line of plants brought to America for their "beauty and rapid growth" without any consideration for the devastating ecological impacts.


Callery pear swiftly spreads out from its planted landscapes, crowding out native plants and interrupting the native ecosystem, leading to rippling effects in the food chain and food supply that have lasting consequences.


The ban on the plant will begin on Feb. 9, 2022, and enforcement of the ban will gradually be phased in over the next two years.