DCNR Will Conduct One-Day Anterless Deer Hunt in Tyler State Park on Wednesday, December 1, 2021. | Newtown News of Interest | Scoop.it

[From John S. Hallas, Director, Bureau of State Parks]


The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) will be conducting a one-day, antlered and antlerless deer hunt Wednesday, December 1, at Tyler State Park, Bucks County. The hunt is held every year to help maintain balance within the park's ecosystem.


Wildlife biologists have determined that the deer population is adversely affecting the natural habitat. Deer impact the delicate balance of the park's ecosystem by over-browsing on tree saplings, forest understory, shrubs and wildflowers. To that end, large deer populations have caused damage to the parks natural ecosystem resulting in a severe reduction in the biological diversity of plant and animal species in the area.


As with hunts held in the past, only shotguns will be permitted, using "00" buckshot, and will be limited to 150 hunters holding special state park permits. Please know that the DCNR's Bureau of State Parks takes every precaution to ensure that the hunt is conducted safely. As a safety measure, safety zones, no hunting areas, and park boundaries will be posted and strictly enforced. Extra Park Rangers, Wildlife Conservation Officers, and State Police will be stationed throughout the park during the hunt. The park will be closed to other activities that day.


There will also be a regulated late season archery hunt in the park north of Dairy Hill Trail to include the Covered Bridge area for a total of 500 acres. The dates for the hunt will be December 27, 2021 through January 29, 2022. There will be a total of 60 permits issued, with a maximum of 12 hunters per day in the hunting area. All hunters must attend the mandatory safety orientation.