Newtown Borough Votes to Engage in "Friendly" Eminent Domain Discussions to Acquire Unspecified Land for Open Space | Newtown News of Interest |

The borough council on November 7 voted unanimously to authorize its solicitor to engage in “friendly discussions” regarding the possible acquisition of a borough property through eminent domain.

Council also voted to form a special committee to discuss the timing of various actions in connection with the possible acquisition.

And they named councilors Julia Woldorf, Bob King and Tara Grunde-McLaughlin to represent the council on the Committee.

Council did not publicly say what property is under consideration nor did it provide any details regarding the potential acquisition. They did indicate the property would be preserved as open space if the land is acquired.

Eminent domain is a tool municipalities can use to acquire land either through a friendly or forced condemnation for public purpose like preservation of open space or construction of a public works project, including bridges, highways, roads or similar structures.