Newtown Township Supervisor Jennifer Dix Announces Her Resignation as of June 30. Board of Supervisors Have Until July 30 to Appoint a Replacement | Newtown News of Interest |

At the June 13 board meeting, Democratic Supervisor Jennifer Dix announced that she will be stepping down as of June 30 because she and her family are moving to New Hampshire.

“My family’s move was planned,” she read from a brief statement in which she asked her fellow supervisors to accept the resignation.

Dix, who is a self-employed actuarial consultant, was appointed vice chair when the Democrats took a four-seat majority on the five-member board in January. She was first elected to a six-year term in November 2013.

The supervisors held off formally accepting her resignation until the June 27 meeting.

The search process will begin soon, with notices posted on the township website and in local news outlets.

The deadline for submitting resumes is [4:30 PM] on Monday, July 2.

As in the past, the supervisors will interview candidates in a public forum, either during regular meetings, or in special sessions.

Under state law, the board has 30 days after Dix’s resignation takes effect June 30 to choose a replacement.

According to township solicitor David Sander, a replacement must be chosen by a board majority no later than July 30.

If a candidate doesn’t receive the votes of at least three of the four remaining supervisors, then the board has another 15 days to pick a replacement.

Under that scenario, the vacancy board convenes to pick a new supervisor.

The vacancy board is made up of the remaining four supervisors plus the vacancy board chairman [Peg Dissinger] who was appointed by the supervisors in January.

If that five-member ad hoc board still is unable to decide, then a Bucks County Common Pleas judge is tasked with making the appointment.

However, with three of the four remaining supervisors being Democrats, it’s unlikely that the decision will fall into the hands of the vacancy board or county judge.

Supervisor Dix’s resignation comes on the heels of township manager Kurt Ferguson’s departing in mid-July to become the Lower Makefield Township’s manager [Read "Newtown Township Manager Kurt Ferguson Will Take Lower Makefield Township Manager Position in July"].